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ITS » Scientific Articles » Teknik Industri
Posted by at 18/06/2016 12:23:52  •  1059 Views

Author :
RACHMANIAH, ORCHIDEA ( 197802142003122001 )


The abundant and overwhelming of lignocelluloses feedstock specially the agriculture waste was explored exhaustively for the third generation raw material for bioethanol process. Those materials are rich of monosaccharide which is rolled up from their cellulose content. Bagasse Saccharum officinarum sp. the solid waste which is produced from sugar cane factory and the wild grass species of Galah grass Saccharum spontaneum Linn still arent utmost utilized in Indonesia. Because of their high content of cellulose and hemicellulose the authors tried to explore their utilization as bioethanol feedstock via Liquid Hot Water LHW process pretreatment. Pretreatment step is an important and necessary step that opens up the tight structured cell wall and allows the enzymes access to hemicellulose. Without this process the lignocelluloses couldnt be processed into their corresponding sugars directly because of the properties of lignin and the rigidity of the cellulose crystals. In order to know the Liquid Hot water effect on structural damaged the study on the determination of structure changes of Bagasse and Galah grass of cellulosic feedstock treated by liquid hot water pretreatment was studied. The sieved Bagasse was pretreated at 110oC and 3 bar whereas 200oC and 20 bar for Galah grass. Those two different conditions were selected because of the Bagasse already got the milling treatment in their sugar cane production process compared to the fresh Galah grass. All those lignocelluloses materials used in 0 05 ww ratio of lignocelluloses materials to water and 10-60 minutes for time treatment. Buffer solution which was added in the experiment also examined both for Bagasse and Galah grass materials. The microscopic structure change of samples was examined by using SEM EDX and XRD for the crystalline. Results showed that morphological change of plant cell wall surface was viewed as damage such as exfoliation fracture appeared on epidermis parenchyma cuticle and vascular bundles. The residue analysis using TAPPI methods also shown that lignin and hemicelluloses has been partially removed. It is known that liquid hot water pretreatment didnt create an inhibitor compounds furfural hydroxy-methyl-furfural and phenol derivates in their resulted filtrate and little amount of glucose compared by acid-solution pretreatment. From SEM image it is known that giving physical treatment to the lignocellusic materials before the LHW pretreatment didnt increase the opened structural cell. The worse structural damaged was occured on Galah grass not in Bagasse material even though this material got the rolling and pressing effect from their milling process previously. The addition of buffer solution would inhibit the structural damage and broader structural changes were affected by 60 minutes treatment without buffer solution addition.

KeywordsBagasse; Liquid Hot Water; Pretreatment; Saccharum officinarum sp; Saccharum spontaneum Linn; SEM image; Sctructure Features
Subject:  Proses bioethanol
Date Create: 00/10/2010
Type: Text
Format: PDF
Language: English
Identifier: ITS-Article-25005160010087
Collection ID: 25005160010087
Call Number: 662.88 Rac c

article of Jurnal Industri Vol.9, No.3, Oktober 2010. ISSN. 1693-0533.

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Fak. Teknologi Industri, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember - Surabaya 2010

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