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ITS » Master Theses » Manajemen Teknik Lingkungan-S2 MMT
Posted by tedjo at 18/01/2007 14:12:09  •  5953 Views


Author :


Air merupakan kebutuhan yang sangat penting bagi kehidupan. Pemilihan air hujan sebagai suraber air minum merupakan alternatif terakhir apabila sumber air minum lainnya sulit didapatkannya. Mengupayakan sumber air minum dari air hujan yang mencukupi kebutuhan air minum secara individu sepanjang tahun dan menganalisa kualitas air hujan yang ditampung oleh warga masyarakat Desa Yammua Arso VI Kabupaten Jayapura Provinsi Irian Jaya yang ditampung pada drum besi. Merencanakan unit penampungan air hujan secara sederhana yang optimum dan mengupayakan kualitas air minum yang berasal dari air hujan sesua dengan persyaratan peraturan kesehatan. Penelitian dilakukan di Desa Yammua Arso VI Kabupaten Jayapura Provins Man Jaya air hujan yang diambil dari bak penampungan warga Desa Yammua Arso VI sebanyak tiga titik . Uji kualitas air hujan di Laboratorium PU Provinsi Irian Jaya dua titik Laboratorium Teknik Lingkungan ITS Surabaya satu titik .Data curah hujan sepuluh tahun terakhir 1991-2000 menunjukkan bahwa tiap bulan terjadi hujan curah hujan terkecil pada bulan Juni kebutuhan air hujan keluarga 50 Liter hari data ini perlu untuk merencanakan unit penampungan sederhana yang mencukupi kebutuhan air hujan untuk air minum keluarga sepanjang tahun. Curah hujan yang ada dapat mencukupi kebutuhan sumber air minum secara umum kualitas air hujan di Desa Yammua Arso VI Kabupaten Jayapura Provinsi Irian Jaya layak untuk sumber air minum. Untuk mencukupi kebutuhan at minum sebaiknya dipilih alternatif yang ke dua. Sebelum dikonsumsi perlu ditambahkan garam dapur 363 mgL dan kapur sirih 25 mgL kemudian direbus sebelum dimanfaatkan. Untuk mengurangi kadar besi Fe drum dicat sebelun digunakan. Sebagai bak penampung air hujan sebaiknya digunakan drum plastik Penelitian ini diharapkan dapat bermanfaat bagi warga masyarakat sebagai informasi cara memanfaatkan air hujan sebagai sumber air minum dan memberikan masukkan kepada Pemda Tingkat I Irian Jaya untuk pengembangan sarana penyediaan air minum bagi masyarakat yang menggunakan air hujan sebagai sumber air minum.


Water is the most importantbasic need for life. Choosing rainwater as a source of drinking water is the last alternative when other sources of drinking water are difficult to get. Trying to provide drinking water from rainwater that can meet the requirement of it individually all year round and analyze the quality of rainwater collected by the people of village Yammua Arso VI kept in iron-drums. To plan a simple unit of rainwater vessel optimally and to maintain the quality as required by health regulation. The study is done in village Yammua Arso VI Jayapura regent Irian Jaya Province the rainwater taken from the vessel is as much as 3 dots. Two dots are tested in laboratory at PU Irian Jaya Province and one dot in ITS Lab of Environmental Technique to know the quality of the rainwater kept in the vessel by the village people of Yammua Argo VL The data of rainfall in the last decade 1991-2000 show that it rains every month and the least rainfall is in the month of June the need of rainwater for a family is about 50Lday this data is significant to plan a simple unit to fulfill the need of rainwater for drinking the whole year long. The present waterfall has already been sufficient for the need of drinking water supply. In general the quality of the rainwater is eligible to drink. To fulfill the need of drinking water it is better to choose the second alternative that is by adding 36.3 mg of salt per liter and 25 mg of soft limestone per liter before the water is cooked or boiled. To reduce the ratecontent of iron Fe the drum should be painted before use to avoid the danger of coli bacteria. The rainwater must be cooked before being consumed. This study hopefully is useful for the people as information how to make use of rainwater as a source of drinking water and give input to level I Regional Government of Irian Jaya in developing the facility of drinking water supply for the people who uses rainwater as a source of drinking water.

KeywordsKebutuhan Air ; Air Minum ; Air Hujan
  1. Ir. Hari Wiko I., M.Eng
Date Create: 19/01/2007
Type: Text
Format: Pdf ; 111 pages
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-3100002016678
Collection ID: 3100002016678
Call Number: 628.1 Sub e,

Theses Master of Technology Management RT 628.1 Sub e, 2002

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Copyright @2002 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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