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ITS » Master Theses » Rekayasa Kualitas S2
Posted by eny at 20/12/2006 18:47:03  •  49755 Views

Author :


Sistem pakar adalah suatu sistem yang dapat bekerja atau beroperasi seperti otak manusia. Sistem ini dapat mengambil keputusan layaknya seorang pakar yang mengambil keputusan. Sistem ini bekerja dengan langkah-langkah kerja sebagai berikut akuisisi pengetahuan mengidentifikasikan object-atribut-value penetapan basis pengetahuan perancangan basis data formalisasi sistem pakar perancangan dan pengembangan perangkat lunak serta uii validasi sistem Metode dalam pengolahan sistem pakar ada dua macam yaitu metode forward -chaining dan metode backward chaining. Pada penelitian ini metode yang digunakan adalah metode backward chaining karena metode ini lebih praktis daripada metode forward chaining. Dalam metode backward chaining data baru dapat langsung ditambahkan tanpa harus merubah aturan-aturan yang sudah dibuat sebelumnya. Sedangkan metode forward chaining tidak melainkan harus menambah aturan yang sesuai aturan sebelumnya jika akan menambah data baru. Hasil dari penelitian ini berupa suatu program komputer yang dapat digunakan untuk diagnosis penyakit anak. Software yang digunakan di sini adalah Delphi 5.


Expert system is the construction of computer programs which can solve problems that would otherwise require a human expert. A session with an expert system is usually structured as a question and answer session via a computer terminal. The user begins by making an enquiry and the expert system asks a series of question as it attempts to reach its conclusions. An inference engine can approach this or any other set of rules from either of two directions forward or backward. The objective of the process is the same in either case to find a path between the known data and the goal or to determine unequivocally that no such path exist. The process of using backward chaining is to establish a goal determine what must be found put in order to reach that goal and try to find that knowledge and its called goal-driven reasoning. An expert system that uses backward chaining select rules by examining the variable contained in their consequents and tries to determine the value of variables used in their antecedents to decide if the rule applies or not. These variables often appear in the consequents of other rules. The system then looks for the variables in the antecedents of those rules and so on back until it finds values it knows. The forward chaining approach is to determine what you know apply that information to the rules and see what conclusions you reach and called data-driven reasoning. It selects rules by determining that the system knows the truth or falsity of their antecedents. It then derives further facts from their consequents. These new facts allow it to determine the truth or falsity of the antecedents of more rules. Mow the system can evaluate those rules until the system has reached its conclusion. Result of this research is a computer program that can be use to diagnosis children diseases. Software Delphi 5 is using to build this program in this research.

KeywordsExpert system ; Backward chaining ; Knowledge based ; Children diseases
Subject:  Perangkat lunak komputer
  1. Dr.Ir. Moses L. Singgih, MSc., MReg.Sc.
    Nurhadi Siswanto, ST., SMIE
Date Create: 21/02/2002
Type: Text
Format: pdf ; 60 pages
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-3100003018397
Collection ID: 3100002016064
Call Number: 006.33 Dew a

Theses Industrial Engineering RT 006.33 Dew a, 2002

ITS Community

Copyright @2002 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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