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ITS » Master Theses » FISIKA S2
Posted by budi at 19/01/2007 09:26:32  •  24008 Views


Author :


Jalan merupakan sarana vital yang perlu dijaga dan ditingkatkan fungsinya untuk memperlancar arus transportasi darat. Pada Kabupaten Kapuas penanganan jaringan jalan adalah peningkatan jalan pemeliharaan rutin jalan dan pemeliharaan berkala. Keterbatasan dana yang tersedia mengakibatkan perlunya keputusan yang tepat untuk menentukan alternatif jalan pada prioritas penanganan peningkatan jalan. Proses penelitian ini adalah menentukan kriteria dan altematif jalan yang akan ditingkatkan melalui pembobotan hasil dari responden yang telah mengisi kuisioner. Responden adalah pihak yang berkompeten dalam penentuan penanganan jalan. Prioritas penanganan peningkatan jalan pada ruas-ruas jalan dalam kota Kuala Kapuas dengan menggunakan metode AHP menghasilkan bobot kriteria sebagai berikut Kondisi jalan dengan bobot 0.471 LHR dengan bobot 0.242 Anggaran dana dengan bobot 0.145 dan Kebijakan legislatif 0.143. Berdasarkan analisa perhitungan dengan metode AHP dan rencana anggaran tahun yang akan datang diperoleh 5 lima ruas prioritas penanganan peningkatan jalan yaitu prioritas pertama jalan Kasturi dengan bobot 173 dan panjang 135 km prioritas kedua jalan Palingkau - Penda Ketapi dengan bobot 131 dan panjang 15 km prioritas ketiga jalan Garuda dengan bobot 126 dan panjang 18 km prioritas keempat Palingkau - Sei Tatas dengan bobot 112 dan panjang 17 km dan prioritas kelima jalan Manggis dengan bobot 111 dan panjang 131 km.


The road represented a vital infrastructure that must be well maintained and improved consistently to make the land transportation work smoothly. In Kapuas Regency the road network handling included the road coating routineregular maintenance and periodical maintenance. In associated with the limited financial sources a proper decision must be made in determining alternative roads based on priority of the road coating. The purpose of the recent research was to determine the alternative roads which will be coated through weighting of survey results over the respondents who have completed the questionnaires. The respondents were those having authority in the determination of road handling. The priority of the roads coating in Kuala Kapuas city making the use of AHP method resulted in criteria weights below the road condition with weight 0.471 LHR with weight 0.242 the budget or funds necessary for the road coating with weight 0.145 and legislatures policy with weight 0.143. Based on the analytical results of AHP method and budget plan in the coming year there were five priorities of the road coating the first priority the roads about 1.35 km in length in Kasturi street with weight 17.3 second priority the roads of 1.5 km in length in Palingkau-Penda Ketapi street with weight 13.3 third priority the roads of 1.8 km in length located in Garuda street with weight 12.6 fourth priority the roads of 1.7 km in length in Palingkau-Sei Tatas street with weight 11.2 and finally the roads of 1.31 km in length in Manggis street with weight 11.1.

KeywordsPeningkatan Jalan; AHP; Prioritas
Subject:  jalan
  1. Ir. Retno Indryani, MS
    Ir. Syaiful Bahri, MT
Date Create: 19/01/2007
Type: Text
Format: pdf; 62 pages
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-3100006026420
Collection ID: 3100006026420
Call Number: 625.7 Jun p

Theses Project Management RTS 625.7 Jun p,2005

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Copyright @2005 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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