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ITS » Master Theses » Manajemen Teknologi Informasi-S2 MMT
Posted by dewi007 at 14/05/2009 15:57:26  •  10393 Views



Created by :
Santoso, Yan Budi 

KeywordPT. EDI Indonesia
Customer Relationship Management
Analisis dan Desain Sistem Terstruktur


Profil data pelanggan PT. EDI Indonesia yang tidak terkelola dengan baik menyebabkan prosedur kegiatan maintenance of customer sering mengalami gangguan. Tidak tersedianya aplikasi history problem yang dapat menyimpan berbagai permasalahan yang pernah dilaporkan membuat petugas call center dan customer support sering mengalami kesulitan dalam hal menangani berbagai persoalan teknis dan non teknis yang disampaikan para pelanggan. Sering terlambatnya petugas pelayanan pelanggan dalam mengantisipasi terjadinya permasalahan pada sistem jaringan karena tidak tersedianya aplikasi network monitoring system dan masih tingginya tingkat kelambatan proses respon atas keluhan yang disampaikan pelanggan yang disebabkan tidak tersedianya aplikasi tracking document menjadi latar belakang munculnya pemikiran untuk membangun sebuah sistem Customer Relationship Management (CRM) yang diyakini dapat menjadi solusi efektif untuk mengatasi berbagai permasalahan tersebut. .Untuk dapat membangun sistem CRM yang tepat guna dan sesuai dengan kondisi kebutuhan yang ada di perusahaan, maka dalam penelitian ini dibuat desain sistem CRM yang nantinya dapat dijadikan sebagai sebuah pedoman untuk implementasinya. Desain sistem dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode analisis dan desain sistem terstruktur. Tahap analisis meliputi pemahaman terhadap sistem kerja berjalan, proses identifikasi masalah, perumusan kebutuhan pengguna dan pembuatan analisis kesenjangan. Sedangkan tahap desain meliputi desain basis data, desain proses, dan desain antar-muka. Hasil dari penelitian ini dapat dijadikan sebagai acuan pengembangan sistem pelayanan pelanggan yang terintegrasi dengan sub-sistem lainnya di perusahaan. Hasil desain sistem pelayanan pelanggan juga dapat dijadikan sebagai alat untuk menghitung ketersediaan sumber daya manusia dan kapasitas berbagai perangkat bagi keperluan pembangunan aplikasi perusahaan. Selain itu, hasil penelitian pada sub-sistem pelayanan pelanggan diharapkan dapat merangsang perlunya dilakukan penelitian sejenis pada sub-sistem yang lainnya.

Alt. Description

Customer data profile of PT. EDI Indonesia that are not being managed well can often disturb the maintenance of customer activities procedures. There is no history problem application that is capable of keeping many problems that have been reported, can cause the officer of call center and customer support often experience difficulty in handling many kinds of technical and non technical problems of the customers. In addition to this, the absence of network monitoring system application and high level of lateness in processing responses to many customers’ complains result in the delay in giving services to customer by the officers in anticipating the problems at network system. All of these problems are due to the non existence of the application for document tracking that becomes the background of the notion to build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that capable of producing an effective solution to handle those many problems. In order to build the right CRM system that is suitable to the need of the company, in this research, a CRM system is designed using a structured approach. The analysis phase of the design covers the identification of both existing and future systems. A gap analysis is performed during the analysis phase in order to define a set of users’ requirements. Based on these users’ requirements, the design phase of the system consisting of both database and process design is performed. A set of normalized database tables and their associated data dictionary is produced during the database design phase, while a set of data flow diagrams and their associated specifications in terms of structured English is produced during the process design. Finally a user interface design that includes the design of menu, screen, and reports is performed. Together with other sub-systems available in the company, the results obtained in this research can be used as a design component to develop an integrated customer service system in the company. Moreover, it can also be used as a media to assess the human resources availability and capacity of many tools that are needed in the company application development.

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Arif Djunaidy, Msc
Date Create:14/05/2009
Collection ID:3100008033926
Call Number:RTMT 658.812 San a

Source :
Master Theses of Program in Magister Management of Technology, RTMT 658.812 San a, 2008

Coverage :
ITS Community Only

Rights :
Copyright @2008 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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