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ITS » Master Theses » S2 Teknik Informatika
Posted by at 29/12/2014 16:55:37  •  1161 Views



Author :
HASIN, MUHAMMAD KHOIRUL  ( 5111 202 905 )


Setiap tahunnya Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Mendikbud Indonesia mencatat sekitar 15 juta siswa SMA mengikuti Ujian Nasional UN. Namun tercatat bahwa terdapat sekitar 10 persen dinyatakan tidak lulus ujian dan harus mengulang bahkan ada beberapa siswa yang memiliki prestasi bagus di sekolah atau di tingkat nasional dan internasional ternyata gagal lulus UN. Fenomena kecemasan yang dialami oleh peserta UN tersebut selaras dengan penelitian terkini. Penelitian tersebut menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar peserta ujian gagal mengeluarkan kemampuan yang sesungguhnya karena mengalami kecemasan yang dipicu oleh situasi dan suasana ujian. Oleh karena itu kehadiran psikolog dibutuhkan pada permasalahan ini. Di sisi lain jumlah psikolog di Indonesia tidak cukup untuk menangani begitu banyaknya peserta UN. Perbandingan antara peserta UN dengan psikolog masih dibawah rasio ideal menurut standar WHO yaitu 142 ribu rasio ideal WHO adalah 130 ribu. Oleh karena itu dibutuhkan expert system untuk mengkover masalah tersebut. Expert system ini dapat mengidentifikasikan gejala-gejala kecemasan beserta nasehat dan saran dan juga dapat memonitoring perkembangan kecemasan tes siswa. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode rule-based systems. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah 66 dari responden menyatakan sangat setuju dan setuju expert system ini dapat membantu mengurangi kecemasan tes mereka dan 50 dari responden juga mengalami peningkatan kondisi yang cukup bagus.


Each year Republic Indonesia records around 1.5 million senior high school students follow the National Examination NE. However it is recorded that 10.12 students did not pass the NE and had to repeat even some students who have a good performance in school or at the national and international level has failed to pass the NE. The phenomenon of anxiety experienced by the participants of the NE is in line with the latest research. The study showed that the majority of the examinees failed to appear the truth ability because of anxiety triggered by the exam situation and atmosphere. Therefore the presence of a psychologist is needed on this issue. On the other hand the number of psychologists in Indonesia is not enough to deal with so many NE participants. Comparison between the NE participants and psychologists is still under ideal ratio according to the WHO standard which is 142 thousand the WHO ideal ratio is 130 thousand. Therefore it is required an expert system to cover the problems. This expert system can identify the symptoms of anxiety along with advice and suggestions and can also monitor the development of studenttest anxiety. The symptoms of test anxiety are taken from the Hamilton Anxiety Rate Scale HARS. The reason to use HARS is besides the recommendation of a psychologist as well as the value of validation of its clinic trial is high which is between 0.93 and 0.97. The symptoms which still have the common sense are made specific by changing in the form of questions. Furthermore the questions in the questionnaire are distributed to the students who will face national exam. Result of the questionnaire was tested its validity using Pearson Correlation. Meanwhile the knowledge pattern is gained from the interviews and simulations repeatedly. Then the presentation of knowledge pattern is changed in form of decision tree. The goal is to facilitate psychologist in understanding the knowledge pattern when he checks his knowledge compliance. The knowledge pattern that has been validated by psychologist is implemented in expert systems. Conclusion of knowledge pattern that contains the facts in the form of answers of questions is obtained using rule-based system and forward chaining. Result of this study is 66 of the respondents said strongly agree and agree this expert system can help reduce their test anxiety. In addition the improvement test of 10 students in seven days is found that 50 of respondents experiencing good imporvement 30 of constant and 20 of poor. Therefore in general the expert system can be used as alternative to students to detect test anxiety they experienced.

Keywordsnational examination; test anxiety; HARS; expert systems; rule-based system
Subject:  sistem pakar
  1. Prof Sumanta Guha
Date Create: 13/11/2013
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-51103140001162
Collection ID: 51103140001162
Call Number: RTIf 006.33 Has e

Master Theses of Informatics Engineering, RTIf 006.33 Has e, 2014

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