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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Industri
Posted by at 31/05/2010 14:28:47  •  1950 Views


Created by :
Irawan, Mohamad Yusuf ( 2599100015 )

SubjectData development analisis manajemen produk
Alt. Subject Data development analysis production management
Keywordefisiensi teknis
skala efisiensi
Data Envelopment Analysis
peer group
perankingan DMU


P.T PJB II sebagai salah satu perusahaan suplier listrik di Indonesia khususnya di Jawa - Bali menghadapi kondisi yang menuntut dalam pemenuhan kebutuhan listrik masyarakat. Permintaan yang kian hari kian tinggi menuntut P. T PJB II untuk menambah kemampuan dalam memproduksi dengan kapasitas yang dimiliki sekarang. Untuk itu perIu dilakukan analisa produktivitas terhadap perusahaan pada bagian input maupun output produksi dengan memperhatikan tingkat efisiensi penggunaan sejumlah input dalam memproduksi sejumlah output yang diminta. Penelitian ini akan membahas bagaimana efisiensi teknis masing - masing unit cabang dari P. T P JB II dalam menghasilkan kombinasi input - outputnya sehingga dapat ditentukan perbaikan - perbaikan yang dapat dilakukan perusahaan dalam upaya menghasilkan efisiensi teknis yang memadai Dua langkah yang perIu dilakukan dalam analisa produktivitas ini, yang pertama adalah mengukur efisiensi teknis dari masing - masing unit pembangkit dengan menggunakan variabel pembatas berupa 10 input produksi yaitu daya terpasang, capacity factor, planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, lama gangguan, gangguan internal serta gangguan eksternal, Equivalent Avalaibility Factor, Forced Outage Rate, Schedule Outage Factor dan 2 output produksi yaitu produksi tahunan dan produksi hilang yang telah diuji ke1ayakannya dengan menggunakan uji Bartlett dan KMO dalam penelitian mi. Perhitungan indeks efisiensi teknis akanenggunakan Data Envelopment Analysis (DBA) yang mengacu pada Cons tan return to scale (CRS) dan akall menghasilkall target perbaikan serta indeks efisiensi sendiri, setelah itu dilakukan perhitungall yang kedua dellgan menggullakan DBA - Variabel return to scale (VRS) untuk menghasilkan skala efisiensi dati masing - masing unit pembangkit kemudian setelah diketahui tingkat efisiensi teknis masing - masing selanjutnya dilakukan perbaikan produktivitas bagi unit yang tidak efisien dengan jalan menentukan target input output melalui hasil perhitungan DEA CRS dan menentukan peer group sedangkan bagi unit yang efisien dilakukan perankingan dengan menggunakan model integrasi DEA -- AHP Indeks efisiensi dari model DEA - AHP menunjukkan bahwa unit pembangkit Brantas memiliki tingkat efisiensi yang paling tinggi sebesar 0,2168 dan diikuti oleh unit pembangkit Gresik dengan indeks efisiensi sebesar 0,215

Alt. Description

P.T PJB II as one of the Indonesian electric company which cover Java - Bali area should be able to overcome electricity demand in those area on the other hand the demand is increasing every periods of time. It makes P.T PJB have to enhance their capabilities by producing more energy so they can meet the community needs. Producing more energy means they have to be more efficient using their resources. Efficient means they have to arrange the combination of input and output so they can optimize their production by using minimal resources. Productivity analysis can give the direction to improve these efficiency. The direction is methods into a better productivity. It consists by several ways to arrange combinations of input - output so that the enhancement of efficiency can be reach. Productivity analysis divided into two primalY step. TIle first step is measuring technical efficiency each units which apply several boundaries valiables. These variables consists of seven inputs and two outputs. The inputs are installed capacity, planned rnaintenance, corrective maintenance, distracted periods, internal distracted, external distracted, capacity factor, EqUivalent Avalaibility Factor, Forced Outage Rate, Schedule Outage Factor and the outputs are production/year and production loss. Those variables has been validated by bartlett and KMO test. Measurement of technical efficiency index using Data Envelopment Analysis (DE A) which considered into two phase, the first is measuring pure technical efficiency by using constan return to scale assumption and the second is measure the scale of technical efficiency by using variable retum to scale. TIle inefficient units will be improved by collecting their peer group using cluster allalysis, on the other hand the efficient units will be ranked based on DEA - AHP method. The DEA - AHP method shows that UP Brantas has the higher technical efficiency by 0,2168 which is followed by UP Gresik by 0,215

  1. Dr. Ir. Moses Laksono Singgih, M.Reg. Sc.
Date Create:31/05/2010
Collection ID:3100003019081
Call Number:RSI 658.5 Ira a

Source :
Undergraduate Theses, Industrial Engineering RSI 658.5 Ira a, 2003

Coverage :
ITS Community Only

Rights :
Copyright @2003 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to anyprohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Abstract_id.pdf - 76 KB
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  5.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Preface.pdf - 91 KB
  6.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Table_of_Content.pdf - 111 KB
  7.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Tables.pdf - 53 KB
  8.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Illustrations.pdf - 61 KB
  9.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Bibliography.pdf - 69 KB
  10.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Chapter1.pdf - 303 KB
  11.  ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Conclusion.pdf - 384 KB

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  2. ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Chapter3.pdf - 551 KB
  3. ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Chapter4.pdf - 1043 KB
  4. ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Chapter5a.pdf - 1679 KB
  5. ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Chapter5b.pdf - 906 KB
  6. ITS-Undergraduate-10825-2599100015-Enclosure.pdf - 1182 KB

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