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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Biologi
Posted by ida at 29/12/2009 16:43:02  •  5003 Views


Created by :
Syatiriah, Henny ( 1500100029 )

Alt. Subject Plants


Tanaman melakukan kompetisi dengan tanaman lain bila sumber daya yang diperlukan jumlahnya berkurang, seperti cahaya, air, makro dan mikronutrien yang penting, dsb. Untuk itu banyak tanaman yang melakukan strategi penggunaan bahan kimia dalam memperebutkan sumber daya yang lebih besar. Strategi yang berhubungan dengan penggunaan senyawa kimia ini disebut dengan istilah alelopati. Tanaman yang mempunyai potensial alelopati terdapat di mana-mana, termasuk di suatu wilayah yang memiliki ruang terbuka hijau yang luas seperti kampus ITS – Sukolilo. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan menginventarisasi jenis-jenis tanaman berpotensi alelopati di zona estetika kampus ITS – Sukolilo. Pendataan tanaman dilakukan dengan menjelajahi jalur-jalur hijau dan taman-taman kampus. Identifikasi jenis tanaman berpotensi alelopati dilakukan berdasarkan literatur dan jurnal penelitian. Inventarisasi meliputi nama spesies, nama lokal, familia, habitus, serta sumber atau bagian tanaman yang mengeluarkan senyawa alelopati. Hasil penelitian diperoleh 10 spesies tanaman berpotensi alelopati yang terdapat di zona estetika kampus ITS, antara lain trembesi (Albizia saman), akasia (Acacia auriculiformis), ketepeng kecil (Cassia tora), lamtoro (Leucaena leucocephala), turi (Sesbania grandiflora), temblekan (Lantana camara), krokot (Portulaca oleracea), cemara angin (Casuarina equisetifolia), kemangi (Ocimum sanctum), dan jati (Tectona grandis). Pohon trembesi merupakan spesies tanaman berpotensi alelopati yang paling banyak ditemukan di lokasi zona estetika kampus ITS, baik di jalur hijau maupun di taman-taman kampus.


Plants had the competition with another plants for resources which are limited, like water, light, essential macro and micronutrients, etc. In order to compete for these resources, many plants have adopted strategies of chemical usage to acquire a greater proportion of the available resources. One strategy associated with this chemical usage has been termed allelopathy. Plants that have allelopathic potential are in everywhere, including in the area with green opened space (RTH) like ITS Sukolilo’s campus. The aims of this study was to determine and to inventory of plants with allelopathic potential in aesthetic zone of ITS Sukolilo’s campus. The collecting data of plants was done by explorating the green line and parks in campus. Identification of this plants was determined according to the literatures and scientific journals. Inventorying of plants included the local name, scientific name, familia, habitus, and the source of part of plants that had secreted allelopathy chemicals. The results of this study have been found 10 species of plants with allelopathic potential at ITS Sukolilo’s campus, they are trembesi (Albizia saman), akasia (Acacia auriculiformis), ketepeng kecil (Cassia tora), lamtoro (Leucaena leucocephala), turi (Sesbania grandiflora), temblekan (Lantana camara), krokot (Portulaca oleracea), cemara angin (Casuarina equisetifolia), kemangi (Ocimum sanctum), and jati (Tectona grandis). The trembesi trees are the most ones that have been found in aesthetic zone of ITS Sukolilo’s campus.

  1. Kristanti Indah P., S.Si., M.Si
    Tutik Nurhidayati, S.Si., M.Si.
Date Create:29/12/2009
Collection ID:3100007028754
Call Number:RSBi 580 Sya i

Source :
Undergraduate Theses of Department of Biology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science RSBi 580 Sya i, 2007

Coverage :
ITS Community Only

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Copyright @2007 by ITS Library. This p ublication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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