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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Kimia Ekstensi S1
Posted by eny at 01/12/2009 00:23:42  •  9335 Views



Author :


Indonesia adalah negara keempat yang mempunyai lahan gambut terluas di dunia tetapi pemanfaatannya masih sangat terbatas. Asam Humat merupakan Asam hasil dekomposisi tanaman yang tak dapat larut pada kondisi asam yang merupakan makro molekul kompleks. Asam humat dapat diperoleh dari ekstraksi gambut. Proses Pembuatan Asam Humat dimulai dengan menambahkan larutan HCl 1M sampai pH 1-2 ke gambut yang telah dikeringkan ditumbuk dan diayak. Lalu ditambah larutan HCl 01N sampai ratio 10ml liquid 1g gambut diaduk 1 jam dan dibiarkan mengendap. Endapannya dipisahkan dan dinetralkan dengan larutan NaOH 1M sampai pH 7 lalu diekstrasi dengan menambahkan larutan NaOH 0.1N sampai ratio 10ml liquid 1g gambut serta gas N2 dan diaduk 4 jam. Dilakukan juga untuk NaOH 005N 05N dan 1N serta rasio NaOH terhadap gambut 201 51 21mlgram. Larutan dibiarkan mengendap 12 jam endapan dan larutan dipisahkan dan larutannya diasamkan dengan larutan HCl 6M sampai pH 1. Larutan diendapkan 12 jam sehingga diperoleh fraksi asam humat endapan dan fraksi asam fulvat larutan. Fraksi asam humat ditambah larutan KOH 0.1 N minimum lalu ditambah KCl sampai 03M K dan diendapkan. Endapan dan larutan yang dihasilkan dipisahkan larutannya diasamkan dengan larutan HCl 6M sampai pH 1 diendapkan 12 jam. Kemudian Endapan dipisahkan ditambah larutan HCl 01 M dan diaduk 1jam. Larutan didiamkan sampai terbentuk endapan. Endapan yang telah dipisahkan dkeringkan sehingga diperoleh asam humat. Asam Humat yang dihasilkan secara umum sesuai dengan spesifikasi asam humat yang ada. Dari hasil Analisa Spektofotometri infrared terdapat kesamaan grafik antara asam humat asli dengan asam humat yang dihasilkan dalam penelitian. Yield asam humat yang terbaik diperoleh pada rasio 10ml NaOH1gram gambut dengan konsentrasi NaOH 1N.


Indonesia is the fourth country which has the widest peat farm in the world but its exploitation is still very limited. Humic acid is acid which results from the decompositition of material organic which cannot dissolve at acid condition which is a complex macromolecule. Humic acid can be obtained from peats extraction. The production of humic acid starts by adding 1 M HCl liquid to pH 1-2 to the peat which has been dried mashed and sieved. Then add the 01 N HCl liquid until reaching the ratio of 10 ml liquid 1gr dry sample stir the suspension for an hour and let it precipitate. Separate the precipitate and neutralize it with 1M NaOH liquid to pH 7 then extract it by adding 01N NaOH liquid until reaching the ratio of 10ml liquid 1gr dry sample with N2 and then stir them for 4 hours. Its also done to NaOH 005N 05N and 1N and the ratio of NaOH to peat 201 51 21mlgr. Allow the alkaline suspension to precipitate for 12 hours. Separate the precipitate and the supernatant acidify the supernatant with 6M HCl to pH 1 and allow the suspension to precipitate for 12 hours until its obtained humic acid fraction precipitate and fulvic acid fraction supernatant. Humic acid fraction is added a minimum volume of 01N KOH liquid then is added KCl to attain 03M K and then precipitate it. Separate the precipitate and supernatant produced acidify the supernatant with 6M HCl liquid to pH 1 and allow the suspension to precipitate for 12 hours. Separate the precipitate add it with 01M HCl liquid and stir it for an hour. Let the suspension to form precipitate. The precipitate which has been separated is dried until its obtained humic acid. The humic acid produced is generally suited with the existing humic acid specification. From the result of Spectofotometri Infrared Analysis there is graphic equality between the original humic acid and the humic acid produced in the research. The best humic acids yield is obtained at the ratio of 10ml NaOH 1gr peat with 1N NaOH.

KeywordsEkstraksi gambut ; Asam humat ; Yield asam humat
Subject:  Asam humat ; Gambut
  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. H. M. Rachimoellah, Dipl. EST
Date Create: 30/11/2009
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-3100007029176
Collection ID: 3100007029176
Call Number: RSK 661.2 Asm p

Undergraduate Theses, Department of Chemical Engineering, RSK 661.2 Asm p, 2007

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Copyright @2007 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library.

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