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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » S1 Teknik Elektro
Posted by anis at 31/10/2008 15:28:39  •  28955 Views


Author :
Pramudiyanto, Sumantri 


Videoconferencing berbasis IP merupakan suatu layanan yang memungkin dua orang atau lebih melakukan konferensi melalui jaringan IP yang bersifat publik maupun privat untuk efisiensi dapat digunakan jaringan public dengan resiko kurang terjaminnya keamanan komunikasi untuk mengatasi hal tersebut di atas maka dapat digunakan teknologi VPN pada jaringan tersebut. VPN Virtual Private Network memungkinkan terbentuknya sebuah jaringan data private pada jaringan public dengan menerapkan autentikasi dan enkripsi. Pada tugas akhir ini akan di bangun sistem videoconference pada jaringan VPN untuk diukur parameter-parameter QoS meliputi packet loss delay throughput jitter dan MOS. Berdasarkan hasil ujicoba videoconference pada VPN besar packet loss video dan audio adalah 0.15 dan 0.20 pada ujicoba videoconference dua client sedangkan pada videoconference tiga client packet loss video dan voice berturut-turut sebesar 0.78 dan 0.94 penambahan beban TCP dan UDP mengakibatkan packet loss bertambah besar seiring dengan besarnya beban. Nilai throughput video dan voice pada videoconference dua client sebesar 177.06 kbps dan 74.19 kbps sedangkan pada ujicoba tiga client nilai throughputnya sebesar 181.30 kbps dan 70.54 kbps penambahan beban mengakibatkan nilai through.put cenderung menurun . Nilai delay pada videoconference dua dan tiga client dapat sebesar 2.16 ms dan 14.12 ms nilai delay semakin besar dengan adanya penambahan beban TCP dan UDP besar nilai jitter untuk video dan voice pada sistem videoconference dua client sebesar 36.26 ms dan 8.93 ms sedangkan untuk tiga client sebesar 33.95 ms dan 9 ms. Penambahan beban TCP dan UDP mengakibatkan nilai jitter meningkat baik pada konfigurasi videoconference dua dan tiga client akibat semakin banyaknya beban maka packet loss meningkat dan salah satu efek adanya packet loss adalah jitter.


Videoconferencing base on IP is a service which possible two people or more have conference to through IP network both public of privat for efficiency can be used public network at risk to less guarantedcommunications security to solve the problem mentioned above hence can be used technology of VPN . VPN Virtual Private Network making possible private data network over public by applying authentification and encription. On this final Project will be built videoconference system over VPN to be measured Qos Parameter like packet loss delay throughput jitter and MOS. Based on the testbed result of videoconference system over VPN the percentage of video and audio packet loss is 0.15 and 0.20 with two client videoconference. While videoconference using three client video and audio packet loss successively equal to 0.78 and 0.94 addition of burden of TCP and of UDP result loss packet growing larger along with level of burden. Assess video throughput and of voice at videoconference two client equal to 177.06 kbps and 74.19 kbps while using three client its value equal to 181.30 kbps and 70.54 kbps addition of burden result value of through.put tend to downhillly. Delay value at videoconference two and three client equal to 2.16 ms and 14.12 ms assess ever greater delay with existence of addition of burden of TCP and of UDP value of jitter for the video of and of voice at system of videoconference two client equal to 36.26 ms and 8.93 ms while to three client equal to 33.95 ms and 9 ms. Addition of burden of TCP and of UDP result value of jitter mount goodness at configuraton of videoconference two and three client effect of more and more burden hence packet loss mount and one of the effect existence of packet loss is jitter.

KeywordsVideoconferencing ; VPN (Virtual Private Network) ; packet loss, delay, throughput, jitter dan MOS.
Subject:  Jaringan komputer
  1. Istas Pratomo, S.T., M.T.
    Ir. Djoko Suprajitno Rahardjo
Date Create: 31/10/2008
Type: Text
Format: pdf.
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-3100008032124
Collection ID: 3100008032124
Call Number: RSE 004.62 Pra a

Undergraduate Theses Electrical Department RSE 004.62 Pra a, 2007

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Copyright @2007 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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