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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Lingkungan S1
Posted by dewi007 at 30/11/2009 23:38:34  •  6224 Views



Created by :
Apriati, Ajeng ( 3303100066 )

SubjectTeknologi sampah
Alt. Subject Reclycling (waste
Keywordsampah organik


Pemanfaatan kembali sampah dapat menjadi salah satu solusi dalam upaya pereduksian timbulan sampah yang akan ditimbun, terutama untuk jenis sampah organik yang komposisinya lebih besar dibanding jenis sampah yang lain. Berdasarkan beberapa penelitian yang telah dilakukan sebelumnya, sampah organik dapat dimanfaatkan kembali sebagai energi terbarukan berupa bahan bakar berbentuk padatan yang lebih dikenal sebagai briket. Sampah yang akan dijadikan briket dihancurkan terlebih dahulu sampai seperti bubur, kemudian dicetak secara manual dengan menggunakan cetakan kotak dari kayu dan potongan pipa paralon. Selanjutnya dilakukan proses pengeringan dengan sinar matahari. Variabel untuk penelitian ini meliputi jenis sampah yang digunakan dan bentuk briket hasil cetakan. Kemudian dilakukan analisis laboratorium berupa uji kadar air, kerapatan, fixed carbon, kadar abu, volatile solid, nilai kalor dan lama pembakaran. Dari hasil penelitian didapatkan nilai kalor tertinggi ada pada briket dari sampah organik campuran (CK: 3984,32 cal/gr; CS: 3981,44 cal/gr) kemudian briket dari sampah daun (DK: 3931,36 cal/gr; DS: 3905,48 cal/gr) dan sampah kertas (KK: 3891,21 cal/gr; KS: 3920,33 cal/gr). Berdasarkan variasi jenis, briket dari jenis sampah organik campuran memiliki rata-rata pembakaran paling cepat (CS: 7 menit 47 detik; CK: 12 menit 02 detik) dari briket sampah dedaunan (DS: 8 menit 29 detik; DK: 12 menit 31 detik)dan sampah kertas ( KS: 9 menit 47 detik; KK: 13 menit 13 detik). Sedangkan berdasarkan variasi bentuk, briket berbentuk silinder memerlukan waktu pembakaran yang lebih cepat ( KS: 9 menit 47 detik; DS: 8 menit 29 detik; CS: 7 menit 47 detik) dari briket berbentuk kotak (DK: 12 menit 31 detik; CK: 12 menit 02 detik; KK: 13 menit 13 detik).

Alt. Description

Utilizing solid waste can be one of solution in order to reduce a heap pile of solid waste that will be accumulated, especially for organic solid waste that its composititon was bigger than other kind of solid waste. According to several researches did before, organic solid waste can be utilized as renewable energy such as solid fuel, known as briquette. Solid waste that used as briquette will be destroyed first until it became pooridge, then manually shaped by using a box of wood and paralon pipe deduction. Next drying process will be doing use solar. Variable for this research including kind of solid waste that used and shape of shaped briquette. Then laboratory analysis will be doing like water degre test, density, fixed carbon, ash degre, volatile solid, calorie value and combustion stripper. From research results can be taken that the highest calorie value was in briquette of mixed organic solid waste (CK: 3984.32 cal/g; CS 3981.44 cal/g) briquette of leaves solid waste (DK: 3931.36 cal/g; DS: 3905.48 cal/g) and paper solid waste (KK: 3891,21 cal/gr; KS: 3920,33 cal/g). According to variety kinds of organic waste, briquette of mixed organic solid waste needs faster burning time (CS: 7 minutes 47 seconds; CK: 12 minutes 02 seconds) than briquette of leaves solid waste (DS: 8 minutes 29 seconds; DK: 12 minutes 31 seconds) and briquette of leaves solid waste (KS: 9 minutes 47 seconds; KK: 13 minutes 13 seconds). Besides according to variety of shape, cylindre briquette needs faster burning time (KS: 9 minutes and 47 seconds; DS: 8 minutes and 29 seconds) than square briquette (CK: 12 minutes and 02 seconds; KK: 13 minutes and 13 seconds).

  1. Harmin S.Titah, ST, MT
Date Create:30/11/2009
Collection ID:3100009034958
Call Number:RSL 628.445 8 Apr p

Source :
Undergraduate Theses of Environmental Engineering, RSL 628.445 8 Apr p, 2008

Coverage :
ITS Community Only

Rights :
Copyright @2008 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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