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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Lingkungan S1
Posted by kukuh007 at 14/01/2010 14:29:09  •  5575 Views


Author :


Limbah dapur khususnya limbah cuci piring merupakan salah satu limbah rumah tangga yang banyak dihasilkan oleh masyarakat yang mempunyai kandungan zat kimia yang cukup berbahaya dan minyak. Untuk itu diperlukan pengolahan yang dapat mengolah limbah cuci piring tersebut. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan koagulasi-flokulasi secara batch dengan variasi konsentrasi limbah dan dosis koagulan-flokulan dimana menggunakan alumunium sulfate dan polyelectrolyte. Dari hasil penelitian diketahui bahwa penambahan dosis alumunium sulfate alum dan polyelectrolyte berpengaruh pada removal COD dan surfaktan. Pada proses koagulasi dan flokulasi limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 03 mLL efisiensi removal COD 6333 dan surfaktan 6688 . Pada limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 06 mLL efisiensi removal COD 7429 dan surfaktan 7598 . Efisiensi removal COD 5455 dan surfaktan 7238 pada limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 09 mgL. Sedangkan pada limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 03 mLL dan minyak 15 mLL efisiensi removal COD 7714 dan surfaktan 6863 . Pada limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 06 mLL dan minyak 30 mLL efisiensi removal COD 7857 dan surfaktan 8058 . Serta efisiensi removal COD 7500 dan surfaktan 7814 pada limbah dengan konsentrasi surfaktan 09 mLL dan minyak 60 mLL. pH optimum rata-rata untuk proses koagulasi dan flokulasi menggunakan alum dan PE terjadi pada pH 4.


Kitchen waste especially waste washing dishes is one of the household waste generated by people that contain of chemical substance of oil and dangerous. Therefore it is required that can manage the processing of waste is washing dishes. The reseach is done with coagulation-floculation with variations in concentration of waste and doses of coagulant-floculant what using alumunium sulfate and polyelectrolyte. From research result known that addition of doses alumunium sulfate and polyelectrolyte PE have an effect with Chemical Oxigen Demand COD and surfactants removal. In the process coagulation and floculation waste with a surfactant concentration 0.3 mLL the removal efficiency for COD is 6333 and surfactants is 6688 . At the waste with surfactant consentration 0.6 mLL the removal efficiency for COD is 7429 and surfactants is 7598 . The removal efficiency for COD is 5455 and surfactants is 7238 is hold on the waste with surfaktan concentration 0.9 mgL. While at the waste with surfactant concentration 0.3 mLL and oil 1.5 mLL the removal efficiency for COD is 7414 and surfactants is 6863 . At the waste with surfactant concentration 0.6 mLL and oil 3.0 mLL the removal efficiency for COD is 7857 and surfactants is 8058 . And the removal efficiency for COD is 7500 and surfactants is 7814 was the optimal doses in the waste with concentration of surfaktan 0.9 mLL and 6.0 mLL of oil. The optimum pH for the average coagulatin and floculation process using alumunium and PE is occur in the pH 4.

KeywordsKoagulasi-Flokulasi; Surfaktan; Minyak; Batch
Subject:  Sewage--purification--flocculation
  1. Ir. M. Razif, MM.
Date Create: 14/01/2010
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-3100009036639
Collection ID: 3100009036639
Call Number: RSL 628.357 Pra p

Undergraduate thesis, Environmental Engineering, RSL 628.357 Pra p, 2009

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  1.  ITS-Undergraduate-7740-3305100075-KESIMPULAN.pdf - 71 KB

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