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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Desain Product - Ekstensi
Posted by at 06/07/2010 13:22:30  •  3473 Views


Author :
PUJIASTUTI, FUSY ( 3505100008 )


Batas kewenangan daerah di laut memiliki arti penting bagi kebupatenkota dan pemerintah propinsi terkait dengan penyelenggaraan otonomi daerah. Terutama bagi Pulau Madura sebagai suatu kepulauan yang sangat strategis mengandung berbagai sumber daya alam baik hayati maupun non-hayati yang memiliki arti penting bagi Propinsi Jawa Timur serta Kabupatenkota. Pada Undang-Undang Nomor 32 tahun 2004 tentang Pemerintahan Daerah menyebutkan pembagian wilayah kewenangan propinsi sejauh 12 mil dan sepertiganya adalah wilayah kabupatenkota maka penting sekali dilakukan pemetaan tentang batas wilayah laut daerah. Penelitian ini ditujukan untuk menentukan batas kewenangan wilayah laut kabupatenkota dan propinsi serta batas wilayah laut antar kabupaten di perairan selatan Pulau Madura. Hasil penelitian ini adalah Peta batas kewenagan wilayah laut beserta titik koordinat batasnya. Penarikan batas kewenangan sejauh 4 dan 12 mil laut menyatakan wilayah kerja dua blok migas yaitu Blok PSC Sampang dan Blok Maleo adalah kewenangan dari pemerintahan propinsi Jawa Timur kecuali Sumur Herbras 1 pada koordinat 78304182127 LS dan 113414187 BT yang merupakan kewenangan Kabupaten Sampang


Competence border of the sea region have a means for Region Goverment and province gevorment in association with region autonomic arrangement. Madura island is a strategic archipelago with biotic and non-biotic natural resource with are so mean for East Java Province and cities in Madura Island UU No 322004 about region Government showed that district compartment of province competence as far as 12 miles and third part of it is residence city region. Therefore its important to mapping district border of the sea region. This study is propose to determine competence border of sea region of the residence city and province and also border of sea region inter residence on the soulth of madura island waters. The result of this study is map about competence to manage its sea region and also could be a solution to overcome the sea region management competence conflict. The map can show result of determine competence border as far as 12 miles and 4 mile that block Sampang PSC and Block Maleo be competence East Java Province Government except point Herbras 1 at position 78304182127 LS and 113414187 BT be competence of Sampang Region Goverment

Keywordsbatas wilayah laut; aspek geodetik; ekuidistance line; median line
Subject:  Pemetaan
  1. Danar Guruh Pratomo, ST, MT
Date Create: 06/07/2010
Type: Text
Format: pdf.
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-3100010037915
Collection ID: 3100010037915
Call Number: RSG 526 Puj a

Undergraduate thesis, Geomatics Engineering, RSG 526 Puj a,2010


Copyright @2010 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

[ Download - Open Access ]

  1.  ITS-Undergraduate-11984-3505100008-Abstract_id.pdf - 145 KB
  2.  ITS-Undergraduate-11984-3505100008-Abstract_en.pdf - 145 KB
  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-11984-3505100008-Conclusion.pdf - 152 KB

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