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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Sipil
Posted by at 31/05/2010 11:20:19  •  1775 Views



Created by :
ARIFTA, FIRNAS ADI ( 3105100121 )

SubjectRencana Areal Parkir
Alt. Subject Parking Facilities
KeywordSurabaya Sport Center


Pemerintah Kota Surabaya pada tahun 2008 sedang membangun fasilitas olahraga yang nantinya akan dinamakan Surabaya Sport Center (SSC). Areal parkir sebagai salah satu bagian dari Surabaya Sport Center (SSC), perlu diperhatikan perencanaannya. Dalam tugas akhir ini akan dilakukan analisa tentang perencanaan areal parkir Surabaya Sport Center (SSC). Analisa yang dilakukan adalah merencanakan areal parkir yang terletak di luar badan jalan (offstreet). Analisis terdiri dari 2 tahap. Tahap pertama yang dilakukan adalah memilih stadion analog yang mempunyai fungsi yang sama. Kemudian dibandingkan antara stadion analog yang satu dengan yang lain, sehingga didapat persamaan regresi. Persamaan regresi tersebut digunakan untuk mendapatkan jumlah Kebutuhan Ruang Parkir (KRP) Surabaya Sport Center. Tahap Kedua akan dilakukan adalah kalibrasi. Kalibrasi yang dilakukan melalui pendekatan rate kepemilikan kendaraan dari kota dimana letak lokasi studi. Setelah itu akan dihasilkan Kebutuhan Ruang Parkir (KRP) Surabaya Sport Center (SSC) yang telah sesuai dengan kondisi dari kota Surabaya. Hasil yang didapat berupa gambar lay out areal parkir dan sirkulasi kendaraan (traffic flow) di sekitar Surabaya Sport Center (SSC). Dalam melakukan perhitungan, diperlukan data sekunder untuk menganalisa Kebutuhan Ruang Parkir (KRP). Data sekunder yang dibutuhkan adalah Data kapasitas stadion lokasi studi dan stadion-stadion analog, Kapasitas areal parkir stadion-stadion analog, Data jumlah penduduk dan jumlah kepemilikan kendaraan di kota Surabaya, Sidoarjo, dan Gresik. Dari hasil analisa didapatkan jumlah Kebutuhan Ruang Parkir (KRP) untuk stadion outdoor sebesar 4439 SRP mobil dan 4413 SRP motor. Untuk stadion indoor sebanyak 2884 SRP mobil dan 4546 SRP motor.

Alt. Description

Surabaya City Government at year 2008 has build sport facility which known as Surabaya Sport Center (SSC). Parking area as one of the Surabaya Sport Center (SSC) facilities is need attention to its design. In this final project, the planning parking area of Surabaya Sport Center (SSC) will be analyzed. The analysis is planning a parking area that located at the offstreet. Analysis consist of 2 steps. The first is selecting the analog stadium that has same function. Then compared between the analog stadium with each other, so that obtained regression equation. Regression equation is used to obtain the amount of parking space requirements (PSR) Surabaya Sport Center. The second is calibration. Calibration is carried out through the approach rate of vehicle ownership. Parking Space Requirements (PSR) Surabaya Sport Center (SSC) will be resulted, this was in accordance with the conditions of the city of Surabaya. This final project has result that lay out and traffic flow of parking area Surabaya Sport Center (SSC). Secondary data is needed to analyze the parking space requirements (PSR). Secondary data that is required are capacity of stadium where it studied and analog stadium data, the capacity of parking area from analog stadium data, the number of population and the number of vehicle ownership in the city of Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Gresik. The result of analysis is number of parking space requirements (PSR) for outdoor stadium and indoor stadium. Parking outdoor stadium is requirement about 4439 car and 4413 motorcycle. Parking indoor stadium is requirement about 2884 car and 4546 motorcycle.

Date Create:03/02/2010
Collection ID:3100010038588
Call Number:RSS 711.73 Ari p

Source :
Undergraduate Thesis, Civil Engineering, RSS 711.73 Ari p, 2010

Coverage :
ITS Community

Rights :
Copyright @2010 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and per obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a re transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, reco For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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  1.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-perencanaan-areal-parkirsurabaya-sport-center-ssc.pdf - 171 KB
  2.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-design-of-parking-areasurabaya-sport-center-ssc.pdf - 171 KB
  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Approval_Sheet.pdf - 7 KB
  4.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Abstract_id.pdf - 13 KB
  5.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Abstract_en.pdf - 12 KB
  6.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Preface.pdf - 11 KB
  7.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Table_of_Content.pdf - 16 KB
  8.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Tables.pdf - 14 KB
  9.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Illustrations.pdf - 10 KB
  10.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Bibliography.pdf - 12 KB
  11.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Biography.pdf - 28 KB
  12.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Chapter1.pdf - 384 KB
  13.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Conclusion.pdf - 17 KB
  14.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Paper.pdf - 1474 KB
  15.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Paper.pdf - 1451 KB
  16.  ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Presentation.pdf - 1145 KB

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  2. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Chapter3.pdf - 36 KB
  3. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Chapter4.pdf - 1736 KB
  4. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Chapter5.pdf - 12 KB
  5. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Enclosure.pdf - 27 KB
  6. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Enclosure.pdf - 1722 KB
  7. ITS-Undergraduate-10704-Enclosure.pdf - 8 KB

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