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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Kelautan
Posted by at 07/10/2011 13:54:22  •  2010 Views


Author :


Aluminium 5083 banyak digunakan untuk pembuatan kapal kecil seperti kapal patroli atau kapal perang. Pengelasan Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW merupakan las yang paling umum digunakan dalam struktur kapal. Pada saat fabrikasi pengelasan yang terjadi akan menimbulkan tegangan sisa residual stress. Perlakuan panas annealing dapat menurunkan nilai tegangan sisa hasil dari proses pengelasan sebelumnya. Perlakuan panas dilakukan pada hasil pengelasan aluminium 5083 dengan dimensi 300 mm x 150 mm x 12 mm dengan proses pengelasan GMAW. Variasi perlakuan panas dalam proses annealing ini dilakukan pada suhu 300 0C dan holding time 1jam 2jam dan 3jam. Perubahan mikrostruktur diamati dilaboratorium sedangkan perhitungan tegangan sisa menggunakan metode elemen hingga. Pada hasil akhir penelitian didapatkan penurunan nilai tegangan sisa sebesar 54.86 pada perlakuan panas 300 oC dengan holding time tiga jam 36.05 pada perlakuan panas 300 oC dengan holding time dua jam 17.87 pada perlakuan panas 300 oC dengan holding time satu jam. Nilai terkecil pengujian tarik sebesar 275Nmm2 dan putus di daerah weld metal dengan batas minimal 261.25mm2. Pengujian mikrostruktur mendapatkan ukuran butiran grain sebesar 7.283 ASTM. Persentase kandungan struktur butiran Al 76.21 dan Mg5Al8 23.79 didaerah weld metal pada pada perlakuan panas 300 oC dengan proses holding time tiga jam dan Ultimate Streses 262.84 Mpa.


5083 aluminum is widely used for the manufacture of small ships such as patrol vessels or warships. Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW welding is the most commonly used in ship structures. At the time of fabrication welding that occurs will cause the residual stress. Heat treatment apnnealing can reduce the value of residual stress results from the previous welding process. Heat treatment performed on the welded aluminum 5083 with dimensions of 300 mm x 150 mm x 12 mm GMAW welding process. Variation in the process of annealing heat treatment is conducted at a temperature of 300 0C and the holding time is 1 hour 2 hour and 3 hours. Microstructure changes observed laboratory while the residual stress calculation using finite element method. The final results showed a decrease of residual stress value of 54.86 at 300oC with heat treatment holding time of three hours 36.05 at 300oC with heat treatment holding time of two hours 17.87 at 300oC with heat treatment holding time is one hour. The smallest tensile testing of 275Nmm2 and drop out in the area weld metal with a minimum limit 261.25mm2. Testing obtain grain size of the grain microstructure 7283 ASTM. The percentage content of grain structure of Al 76.21 and Mg5Al8 23.79 weld metal region in the heat treatment at 300 oC with the holding time of three hours and Ultimate Stress 262.84 Mpa.

KeywordsGMAW;aluminium;aluminum;5083;mikrostruktur;microstructure;perlakuan panas;heat treatment;tegangan sisa;residualstress
Subject:  Welding
  1. Ir. Murdjito, M. Sc, Eng
  2. Ir. Gatot Dwi Winarto, MT
Date Create: 08/01/2011
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-3100011042291
Collection ID: 3100011042291
Call Number: RSKe 671.52 Zam a

Undergraduate Theses, Offshore Engineering, RSKe 671.52 Zam a, 2011

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  2.  ITS-Undergraduate-15425-Conclusion-pdf.pdf - 165 KB
  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-15425-Paper-pdf.pdf - 1394 KB

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