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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Sipil D4
Posted by at 05/11/2015 11:19:38  •  1122 Views

EVALUATION OF PARKING SPACES FACILITIES Case Study Faculty of Economics and Business Airlangga University Surabaya

Author :


Perparkiran merupakan masalah yang sering dijumpai apalagi pada lokasi yang mempunyai aktivitas tinggi seperti sekolahperguruan tinggi ketersediaan ruang parkir pada sekolahperguruan tinggi seringkali tidak mencukupi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan ruang parkir yang dibutuhkan. Sehingga perlu dibutuhkan evaluasi terhadap kebutuhan ruang parkir. Dalam melakukan evaluasi fasilitas ruang parkir diawali dengan tahap persiapan yang meliputi kegiatan mencari literatur yang mengikuti pedoman Direktorat Jendaral Perhubungan Darat 1998 setelah itu melakukan survey pendahuluan serta pengumpulan data yang terdiri dari data primer survey lapangan dan data sekunder dari instansi terkait. Hasil dari penelitian ini diperoleh karakteristik parkir yang meliputi durasi parkir maksimum sebesar 300 menit sepeda motor dan 360 menit mobil pada hari efektif. Akumulasi parkir maksimum sebesar 740 kendaraan sepeda motor dan 63 kendaraan mobil pada hari efektif. Volume parkir maksimum sebesar 269 kendjam sepeda motor dan 24 kendjam mobil. Indeks parkir maksimum sebesar 12067 sepeda motor dan 12308 mobil pada hari efektif. Turnover parking sebesar 225 kali sepeda motor dan 179 kali mobil pada hari efektif. Kapasitas statis yang ada sebesar 642 sepeda motor dan 52 mobil. Okupansi sebesar 11859 sepeda motor dan 12115 mobil pada hari efektif. Kebutuhan ruang parkir sebesar 828 SRP sepeda motor dan 70 SRP mobil. Jika dibandingkan dengan SRP yang tersedia saat ini 624 SRP sepeda motor dan 52 SRP mobil lahan parkir sudah tidak mencukupi lagi.


Parking is a problem that is often encountered especially in locations that have high activity such as school college the availability of parking spaces at the school college is often not sufficient to meet the needs of parking spaces required. So that needs to be required evaluation of the parking space requirements. In conducting the evaluation facility parking space beginning with the preparation phase includes activities to find literature that follows the guidelines of Direktorat Jendaral Perhubungan Darat 1998 after the conduct preliminary surveys and data collection consisting of primary data field survey and secondary data from the relevant agencies . The results of this study showed that parking characteristics include maximum parking duration amounting to 300 minutes motorbike and 360 minutes car on the effective day. The maximum parking accumulation of 740 vehicles motorcycles and 63 vehicles cars on the effective day. The maximum parking volume was 269 vehicles hour motorcycles and 24 vehicles hour car. The maximum parking Index by 120.67 motorcycles and 123.08 cars on the effective day. Parking turnover of 2.25 times motorbike and 1.79 times car on the effective day. The capacity of the existing static at 642 motorbike and 52 cars. Occupancy by 118.59 motorcycles and 121.15 cars on the effective day. Parking space requirement of 828 SRP motorcycles and 70 SRP car. When compared with the currently available SRP the SRP 624 motorbike and 52 SRP car parking space is not sufficient anymore.

KeywordsParkir, Karakteristik parkir, Kebutuhan ruang parkir (KRP).
Subject:  Tempat Parkir
Date Create: 05/11/2015
Type: Text
Format: PDF
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Undergraduate-31001150007619
Collection ID: 31001150007619
Call Number: RSS 388.474 Wij e

Undergraduate Theses of Civil Engineering RSS 388.474 Wij e, 2015

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