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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Perkapalan
Posted by at 24/07/2013 14:51:36  •  426 Views



Created by :
ISWIDODO, WINDRA  ( 4107100015 )

SubjectPhysical distribution of goods--management
Cement industries
Logistic distribution
Alt. Subject Physical distribution of goods--management
Cement industries
Logistic distribution
Pola distribusi
Biaya minimum


Pertumbuhan ekonomi dan pembangunan di wilayah Indonesia timur dalam 5 tahun terakhir mengalami peningkatan yang cukup signifikan. Perkembangan infrastruktur di wilayah Indonesia timur merupakan salah satu faktor yang menyebabkan meningkatnya permintaan semen. Akan tetapi peningkatan permintaan semen ini tidak didukung oleh pola distribusi yang baik. Oleh karena itu, diperlukannya suatu solusi untuk memenuhi permintaan semen di wilayah Indonesia timur, salah satunya adalah dengan merencanakan pengangkutan dan distribusi semen dengan jaringan transportasi yang sesuai dengan karekteristik di wilayah Indonesia timur. Tugas akhir ini bertujuan untuk merencanakan rute distribusi semen di wilayah Indonesia timur untuk menghasilkan biaya transportasi yang minimum. Perbandingan antara konsep direct port dengan konsep multiport diharpakan dapat menentukan pola jaringan distribusi semen menuju wilayah Indonesia timur dengan biaya transportasi yang minimum diantara kedua konsep tersebut. Dari hasil pengembangan skenario terdapat titik tujuan yang belum terpenuhi, sehingga rute antisipasi untuk memenuhi permintaan semen pada titik tujuan dengan pola operasi kapal charter.Hasil perhitungan menunjukkan bahwa seluruh titik tujuan distribusi dapat terpenuhi oleh kapal perintis penumpang barang dan kapal muatan barang . Seperti contoh untuk rute pengangkutan semen Ambon Amahai Geser Banda menghasilkan biaya transportasi sebesar Rp.32.703.359.506 dengan metode multiport dan Rp.43.396.541.946 untuk metode direct port dengan muatan yang diangkut adalah 37.045 ton dalam 1 tahun. Selisih biaya transportasi dari kedua metode tersebut adalah 33%.

Alt. Description

Economic growth and development in eastern Indonesia in the last 5 years has increased significantly. The development of infrastructure in eastern Indonesia one of the factors that led to increased demand for cement. However, an increase in demand for cement is not supported by a good distribution pattern. Therefore, the need for a solution to meet the demand for cement in eastern Indonesia, one of which is to plan the transport and distribution of cement to the transport network in accordance with the characteristics in eastern Indonesia. This final project aims to plan the route of cement distribution in eastern Indonesia to produce the minimum transportation cost. Comparison between the concept of direct port multiport concept diharpakan can determine the pattern of cement distribution network into eastern Indonesia with minimum transportation costs between the two concepts. From the results of the development scenario there is a point that goal is not met, so the route to meet the anticipated demand for cement at the point of destination by chartered vessels operating pattern. The result shows that the whole point of distribution objectives can be met by using the pioneer passanger ship and chartered general cargo vessels. The concept of multiport is cheaper than direct port, with the difference in transportation costs by 33%, for example in route Ambon-Amahai-Geser-Banda. The result shows that the whole point of distribution objectives can be met by the pioneer passenger ship and chartered general cargo vessels. As an example for cement transportations route Ambon - Amahai - Geser - Banda produce transportation cost Rp.32.703.359.506 with multiport method and Rp.43.396.541.946 in direct port method, cement cargo transported annum is 37,045 tons. Difference in the cost of transportation of the two methods was 33%.

  1. I G. N. Sumanta Buana, S.T., M.Eng.
Date Create:08/02/2013
Collection ID:41001130003143
Call Number:RSPe 658.8 Isw m

Source :
Undergraduate Thesis of Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering, RSPe 658.8 Isw m, 2013

Coverage :
ITS Community

Rights :
Copyright @2013 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and per obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a re transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, reco For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Approval_Sheet.pdf - 388 KB
  4.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Abstract_id.pdf - 166 KB
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  6.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Preface.pdf - 185 KB
  7.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Table_of_Content.pdf - 235 KB
  8.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Illustrations.pdf - 212 KB
  9.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Tables.pdf - 213 KB
  10.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Enclosure_List.pdf - 207 KB
  11.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Chapter1.pdf - 172 KB
  12.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Conclusion.pdf - 183 KB
  13.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Bibliography.pdf - 185 KB
  14.  ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Biography.pdf - 178 KB

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  5. ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Chapter6.pdf - 472 KB
  6. ITS-Undergraduate-26369-4107100015-Enclosure.pdf - 978 KB

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