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ITS » Paper and Presentation » Tek.Perencanaan & Kons.Kapal
Posted by at 31/10/2013 08:37:05  •  2307 Views



Author :
ABIDIN, SAHRUL ( 6108030040 )


SPOB Self Propelled Oil Barge 904 meter merupakan kapal pengangkut minyak berbentuk barge atau poonton yang berkelas RINA. Kapal ini memiliki sistem propulsi sendiri. Berbeda dengan Oil Barge pada umumnya yang tidak mempunyai sistem propulsi sendiri tetapi menggunakan bantuan Tug Boat dalam bergerak. Sistem propulsi kapal SPOB 904 meter adalah menggunakan sistem propulsi propeller. Sistem ini dalam aplikasinya untuk kapal SPOB memiliki kelemahan yaitu pada aliran air yang menuju propeller. Bentuk lambung kapal SPOB yang berbetuk pontoon flat bottom dengan membentuk ceruk flat pada bagian stern mengakibatkan aliran air yang menuju propeller di dominasi dari arah bagian bottom. Kondisi ini mengakibatkan kurang efektifnya putaran propeller karena terjadi ketidak-teraturan aliran air yang menuju propeller sehingga mempengaruhi besarnya daya dorong yang dihasilkan. Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut pihak Owner yaitu PT. Lintas Samudra Borneo Lines meminta sistem Kort Nozzle Propeller digunakan untuk kapal SPOB 904 meter. Dalam penelitian ini akan dibahas pemilihan tipe foil Kort Nozzle yang sesuai dengan kapal SPOB 904 meter. Pemilihan dilakukan dengan membandingkan 3 tipe Marine Foil Wageninan Series RINA Symposium on Ducted Propeller. Dari ketiga tipe foil tersebut akan dipilih karakateristik foil yang paling sesuai dengan karakteristik kebutuhan kapal SPOB 904 meter. Karakteristik tersebut meliputi 3 aspek yaitu Fungsional kapal Owner Request Free Running dan Fabrikasi. Dari tiga aspek tersebut dibuat tabel kecocokan terhadap karakteristik foil. Kemudian diberi nilai kecocokan dan tipe foil yang paling banyak mempunyai nilai kecocokan akan dipilih. Dari hasil tabel kecocokan diatas diperoleh tipe foil yang paling baik digunakan untuk kapal SPOB 904 meter adalah tipe foil 19A. Dari tipe tersebut kemudian direncanakan desain Duct Nozzle perencanaan kontruksi dan hasil perencanaan berupa gambar detail Kort Nozzle. Dari hasil pemilihan foil dan drawing dalam penelitian ini diharapkan bisa digunakan sebagai referensi pihak perusahaan dalam mendesain Kort Nozzle untuk jenis kapal SPOB.


SPOB Self Propelled Oil Barge 904 meters is a kind of ship vessel in barge poonton shape with register by RINA class. SPOB have its own propulsion system . It is different than generally of Oil Barge where Oil Barge is have no propulsion system but use Tug Boat helped to move. Propulsion system of SPOB 904 meters is a use propeller propulsion system. In application this system have some weakness such is in the water flow that moved into propelled. The body shape of flat bottom SPOB ship is flat recess at after body that caused discharge water of flow to propeller then dominated from the bottom. This cconditions resulted in a lack of the effectifity of propeller rotation because there was irregularity flow of water that flowed into propeller and was affect to the amount of thrust produced. To overcome this problem the Owner of PT. Lintas Samudra Borneo Lines has request to use Kort Nozzle Propeller system in SPOBship 904 meters. This research will study about the selection type of Kort Nozzle foil that compatible with SPOBship 904 meters.The selection has done with 3 comparation types of Marine Foil Wageningen series RINA symposium on Ducted Propeller. From that 3 types will be choosed the characteristic of foil that most compatible with the characteristic function of SPOBship 904 meters. Those characteristic contains 3 aspects they are Function of ship Owner request Free running and fabrication. There will be table of compatibility toward characteristic of foil from those 3 aspects. Then it will give a value level and types which have top score will be choosen. From result of the table it can conclude that the type of foil which the best to use in SPOBship 904 meters is a 19A type of foil. From that type there will be duct nozzle design contruction plan and the result of design will be shown in detail drawing of Kort Nozzle. From this result of choosen foil and detail drawing that explain in this study hopefully can be used a refrence for the company to design Kort Nozzle in SPOB type vessel.

KeywordsSelf Propelled Oil Barge; Poonton; Propulsi; Foil; Kort Nozzle; Karakteristik
Subject:  Mesin kapal
  1. Dedi Budi Purwanto, ST.MT.
Date Create: 28/07/2011
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-paper-61021130002623
Collection ID: 61021130002623
Call Number: 623.873 Abi s

Presentation of Ship Design and Construction Engineering, 623.873 Abi s, 2013

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Copyright @2013 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and per obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a re transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, reco For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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