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ITS » Master Theses » Teknik Rekayasa Pengendalian Ling. S2
Posted by at 07/04/2011 13:34:32  •  2061 Views



Created by :
ASTARI, SHINTA DEWI ( 3308202006 )

Subjectteknologi sampah
Alt. Subject Refuse and refuse disposal
KeywordKecamatan Wonocolo
peran serta masyarakat
sampah rumah tangga


Kecamatan Wonocolo merupakan salah satu kecamatan di Surabaya yang berpenduduk sangat padat sebanyak 79.108 jiwa. Sampai saat ini hanya beberapa wilayah yang sudah melakukan pemilahan dan pengolahan sampah. Reduksi sampah yang telah dilakukan belum optimal untuk mengurangi sampah yang dihasilkan. Oleh karena itu dilakukan penelitian yang bertujuan mengkaji potensi reduksi sampah domestik, peran serta masyarakat dan kelembagaan dalam penerapan sistem reduksi sampah dan model pengelolaan sampah berbasis masyarakat di Kecamatan Wonocolo. Kajian peran serta masyarakat menggunakan kuisioner guna mengetahui kesediaan masyarakat di Kecamatan Wonocolo untuk melakukan pengolahan sampah. Pada aspek teknis dilakukan analisis kesetimbangan massa untuk mengetahui potensi reduksi sampah dengan mempertimbangkan jumlah timbulan sampah, komposisi sampah, densitas sampah dan recovery factor. Dalam aspek kelembagaan dilakukan evaluasi mengenai permasalahan yang terjadi dalam pengelolaan sampah berbasis masyarakat. Kemudian dari ketiga aspek tersebut dapat dikaji model pengelolaan sampah berbasis masyarakat di Kecamatan Wonocolo. Hasil analisis teknis menunjukkan timbulan sampah Kecamatan Wonocolo sebesar 184,49 m3/hari dan sampah yang masih dapat direduksi sebesar 84,99 %. Warga di lokasi yang sudah mengolah sampah manyatakan bersedia untuk melakukan pemilahan dan daur ulang sampah sebesar 100%. Sedangkan lokasi yang belum mengolah sampah menunjukkan bahwa 87,78% warga bersedia untuk memilah sampah dan 69,66% warga bersedia untuk mendaur ulang sampah. Model pengelolaan sampah berbasis masyarakat di Kecamatan Wonocolo dikelola oleh suatu organisasi masyarakat. Sedangkan model pengolahan sampah berbasis masyarakat di Kecamatan Wonocolo adalah pengomposan dengan Takakura Home Method dan pemisahan sampah kering. Kompos yang dihasilkan dapat dijual ataupun dimanfaatkan sendiri untuk budidaya tanaman. Sedangkan sampah kering dipisah untuk dijual ke pengepul, dimanfaatkan kembali serta dibuat kerajinan tangan yang juga dapat dijadikan penghasilan tambahan.

Alt. Description

Wonocolo is one of district on Surabaya which is very densely populated as many as 79,108 people. Until now only a few areas that have been doing the solid waste sorting and processing. Solid waste reduction that has been done still not optimized to reduce the solid waste that generate. Therefore carried out research aimed at studying the potential for domestic solid waste reduction, community participation and institutional systems in the implementation of solid waste reduction and community-based solid waste management model in Wonocolo District. Study of community participation using a questionnaire to determine the willingness of people in Wonocolo district for solid waste processing. On the technical aspect, mass balance analysis is performed in technical aspect to determine the potential for solid waste reduction by considering the amount of solid waste produce, solid waste composition, solid waste density and recovery factor. Evaluation on the institutional aspects to overcome the problems occurred. Then, from these three aspects can be studied the community-based solid waste management model in Wonocolo District. The results of technical analysis shows solid waste produce on Wonocolo district are 184,49 m3/day and 84,99 % of solid waste can be reduced in Wonocolo District. Residents in location that have been doing the solid waste processing is willing to sorting and recycling the solid waste are 100%. While in the location that is not processing the solid waste shown 87,78% of the residents is willing to sorting the solid waste and 69,96% of the residents is willing to recycle the solid waste. Community-based solid waste management model in Wonocolo District managed by community organization. While the proper solid waste processing model are composting treatment that use Takakura Home Method and sorting of dry solid waste. Compost that produced can be sold or utilized for the cultivation of their own. While the dry waste are separated for sale to collectors, reuse and made handicrafts that can also be used as additional income.

  1. I.D.A.A. Warmadewanthi, ST., MT., PhD.
Date Create:26/07/2010
Collection ID:3100010039871
Call Number:RTL 628.445 Ast k

Source :
Master Theses, Environtment Engineering, RTL 628.445 Ast k, 2010

Coverage :
ITS Community

Rights :
Copyright @2010 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and per obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a re transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, reco For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

Publication URL :

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  2.  ITS-Master-14143-cover_en.pdf - 30 KB
  3.  ITS-Master-14143-approval-sheetpdf.pdf - 94 KB
  4.  ITS-Master-14143-abstract-idpdf.pdf - 199 KB
  5.  ITS-Master-14143-abstract-enpdf.pdf - 200 KB
  6.  ITS-Master-14143-prefacepdf.pdf - 187 KB
  7.  ITS-Master-14143-table-of-contentpdf.pdf - 182 KB
  8.  ITS-Master-14143-illustrationspdf.pdf - 201 KB
  9.  ITS-Master-14143-tablespdf.pdf - 177 KB
  10.  ITS-Master-14143-biographypdf.pdf - 192 KB
  11.  ITS-Master-14143-chapter1pdf.pdf - 184 KB
  12.  ITS-Master-14143-conclusionpdf.pdf - 179 KB
  13.  ITS-Master-14143-bibliographypdf.pdf - 185 KB
  14.  ITS-Master-14143-paperpdf.pdf - 1762 KB
  15.  ITS-Master-14143-presentationrpdf.pdf - 2020 KB

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  4. ITS-Master-14143-chapter5-pdf.pdf - 971 KB
  5. ITS-Master-14143-enclosurepdf.pdf - 584 KB

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