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ITS » Master Theses » Manajemen Teknologi Informasi-S2 MMT
Posted by tedjo at 22/12/2006 13:41:42  •  24945 Views



Created by :
Nusantari, Anita  

SubjectPerpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi
KeywordPengembangan iSIPUX
Analisis Biaya-Manfaat
Model Waterfall
Modul Serial
Modul Infomasi Manajemen


Perpustakaan Universitas X telah memiliki sistem informasi perpustakaan yang dinamakan iSIPUX yang terdxi dan sejumlah modul utama, yaitu katalog, akuisisi, administrasi katalog, adrmnistrasi urnurn, sirkulasi, pengolahan digtal, pengolahan perpustakaan, referensi, dan transfer data. Tetapi saat ini mash terdapat modul-modul yang belurn terakomodasi dalam ISIPUX, seperti modul serial, rnformasi manajemen, silang layan perpustakaan, dan fasilitas lain-lain seperti informasi perpustakaan, bulletin perpustakaan, dan administrasi perpustakaan. Untuk itu perlu dilakukan penambahan modul bam dalarn iSIPUX agar dapat meningkatkan efisiensi dan efektifitas penggunaan surnber daya manusia, waktu, dan dana, mengembangkan jenis layanan baru, meningkatkan peluang mtuk dapat melakukan kerja sama antar perpustakaan, dan meningkatkan kepuasan pengguna. Untuk menentukan modul yang dkembangkan, dalam penelitian ini telah dilakukan investigasi awal terhadap kebutuhan modul baru. Dari investigasi awal terpillh modul serial dan modul informasi manajemen sebagai modul yang perlu hkembangkan. Dalarn penelitian ini dibahas hasil penelitian berupa analisis dan desain pengembangan sistem informasi Perpustakaan Universitas X (ISIPUX) dengan penambahan dua modul bm, yaitu modul serial dan modul lnformasi manajemen. Selain itu juga dilakukan analisis biaya-manfaat terhadap pengembangan sistem lnformasi perpustakaan ini. Analisis dan desain dilakukan dengan menggunakan model Waterfall yang didokumentasikan dengan mengunakan Unified Modeling Language (UML). Analisis biaya dan manfaat dilakukan dengan menggunakan metoda cost dzsplacement. Implementasi terhadap hail desain modul serial dan informasi manajemen diharapkan dapat menjadikan sistem informasi perpustakaan Universitas X semalam lengkap daTl terpadu, yang pada gilirarvlya akan membenkan dam@ terhadap peningkatan lunerja perpustakaan secara keselwuhan. Hasil perhtungan analisis biayamanfaat menunjuklcan bahwa pengembangan kdua modul tersebut layak untuk diimplementaskan.

Alt. Description

Library of X University already had a library information system named iSIPUX, which consists of a number of main modules, such as catalog, acquisition, catalog adrmnistration, general adrrrrmstration, circulation, digital cataloging, library cataloging, reference and data transfer. Until now there are still several modules that are not accommodated yet in iSPUX, such as serial module, management mformation, inter library loan, and library administration, For that reason, new addition modules are needed to be implemented in iSIPUX. The new modules are expected to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of human resources, time, and budgets, to enable new services development, and to increase the possibilities of library cooperation increased user satisfaction. To determine which modules to be developed, investigation has been conducted to determine the priority of development. Analysis and development of X library information system (iSPUX ) with two additional new modules was then executed. A cost-benefit analysis was also conducted to analyze the development feasibility of the new modules. Waterfall model was used for the analysis and design phase, which was then documented using Unified Modeling Language (UML); while the cost-benefit analysis was done using the cost displacement method. Implementation of the design of serial and management lnformation modules are expected to make the iSPUX more complete and integrated. Thus, they wdl increase the overall library performance. Finally, the result of cast-benefit analysis shows that the development of serial and management information modules are feasible to be implemented. Keywords: iSIPUX Development, Waterfall Model, Cost Benefit Analyisis, Serial Module, Management Information Module

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Arif Djunaidy, M. Sc.
Date Create:22/12/2006
Format:Pdf ; 223 pages
Collection ID:3100006025264
Call Number:021.65 Nus a,

Source :
Theses Magister Manajement Teknologi RTMT 021.65 Nus a, 2005

Coverage :
ITS Community

Rights :
Copyright @2005 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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