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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Teknik Industri
Posted by at 05/07/2010 10:47:49  •  1608 Views


Created by :
YASMEEN ( 2599100095 )

Subjectanalisis strategi
Alt. Subject strategy analysis
KeywordEvaluasi Strategi
Matriks EFE
Matriks EFL
Matriks QSP


Salah satu bagian yang penting dad kualitas sebuah maskapai penerbangan ditentukan oleh kualitas makanan dan minuman yang disediakan selama perjalanan bagi para penumpangnya. Kriteria kepuasan pelanggan berperan penting dalam hal tersebut sehingga sebuah maskapai penerbangan harus memilih perusahaan airline catering yang dapat memenuhi semua kebutuhan pelanggan dengan bermacam-macam selera, preferensi dan kebutuhan. Oleh karena itu, strategi perusahaan merupakan hal utama untuk mempertahankan dan meningkatkan kinerja perusahaan agar PT. X dapat menjadi perusahaan airline catering yang terpercaya. PT. X memerlukan strategi yang senantiasa relevan dengan kondisi eksternal dan internal perusahaan. Strategi yang direncanakan dan diimplementasikan dengan baik sekalipun akan menjadi usang apabila faktor internal dan eksternal perusahaan mengalami perubahan. Dalam hal ini, evaluasi strategi penting karena perusahaan menghadapi lingkungan yang dinamis dimana faktor-faktor eksternal dan internal dapat berubah dengan cepat bahkan dramatis. Kesuksesan yang diperoleh hari ini tidak akan menjamin kesuksesan hari esok. Dalam mengevaluasi strategi perusahaan, digunakan matriks-matriks manajemen strategi seperti Matriks Stratey-Evaluation Assessment yang digunakan untuk menilai kinerja startegi saat ini, Matriks Evaluasi Faktor Eksternal, Matriks Evaluasi Faktor Internal, Matriks SPACE, Matriks TOWS yang digunakan dalam tahap input dan pencocokan strategi serta Matriks Quantitative Strategic Planning yang digunakan untuk memilih strategi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa strategi yang sesuai dengan kodisi internal dan eksternal perusahaan saat ini adalah strategi jaring laba-Iaba sebagai strategi utama dan strategi aplikasi software dan startegi diversifikasi sebagai strategi pendukung.

Alt. Description

One of the important parts of the quaility of an airline can be hinted by the quality of its beverages and drinks being provided for its customers during flights. Customer satisfaction criteria holds such an important role that the airline must choose an airline catering which can fulfill all the customers' various needs and preferences. Thus PT. X, as an airline catering company, must understand that its strategy is very important to maintain and improve the company's performance and to gain reputation as a trustworthy company. PT. X needs a strategy that is always relevant with the internal and external conditions. Even a wellplaned and implemented stragey will become useless if these conditions change. That is why strategy evaluation is important for the company in facing dynamic environment where the internal and external conditions can change rapidly or even dramatically. The company's current success would not guarantee future ones. In evaluating the company's strategy, management matrixes are used, such as Strategy-Evaluation Assessment Matrix used to appraise current performance, External Factors Evaluation Matrix, Internal Factors Evaluation Matrix, SPACE Matrix, TOWS Matrix, used in the input and strategic matching phase, and Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix used to choose the optimal strategy. The result of this research shows that the optimal strategies that fit the internal and external conditions of the company are the spiderweb strategy as the main strategy and the software application strategy and diversification strategy as the supporting strategies.

Date Create:05/07/2010
Collection ID:3100004019784
Call Number:RSI 658.401 2 Yus e

Source :
Undergraduate Thesis, Industrial Engineering, RSI 658.401 2 Yus e, 2004

Coverage :
ITS Community

Rights :
Copyright @2004 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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  1.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Cover_id.pdf - 63 KB
  2.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Approval_Sheet.pdf - 45 KB
  3.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Abstract_id.pdf - 52 KB
  4.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Abstract_en.pdf - 45 KB
  5.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Preface.pdf - 73 KB
  6.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Tables_of_Contant.pdf - 77 KB
  7.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Illustrations.pdf - 22 KB
  8.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Tables.pdf - 17 KB
  9.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Chapter1.pdf - 496 KB
  10.  ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Conclusion.pdf - 449 KB

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  1. ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Chapter2.pdf - 605 KB
  2. ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Chapter3.pdf - 309 KB
  3. ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Chapter4.pdf - 1281 KB
  4. ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Chapter5.pdf - 1546 KB
  5. ITS-Undergraduate-11902-2599100095-Enclosure.pdf - 20 KB

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