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ITS » Master Theses » Tek Sistem & Pengendalian Kelautan - S2
Posted by davi at 16/01/2007 11:14:46  •  6208 Views


Created by :
Santoso, Emie 

fuzzy logic control
fuel injection system


Mesin Diesel merupakan salah satu mesin utama di kapal, yang digunakan untuk menggerakkan propeller. Salah satu mekanisme yang penting untuk dipelajari pada mesin diesel adalah sistem injeksi bahan bakar ke dalam silinder. Pada penelitian ini akan dibahas penerapan kontroler logika fuzzy pada sistem injeksi bahan bakar mesi diesel kapal. Pertama kali yang harus dilakukan adalah mengenal lebih jelas tentang sistem injeksi bahan bakar dalam hal ini adalah EUI (Electronic Unit Injector) bagaimana prinsip kerjamya, apa saja elemen-elemen sistemnya. Kemudian pembuatan model matematis dari semua elemen sistem termasuk sensor dan aktuator yang digunakan dalam sistem pengendaliannya. Dari model matematis ini akan didapatkan diagran blok- diagram blok sub - sub sitem dan selanjutnya diagram blok keseluruhan sitem. Dengan menggunakan program mathlab 6.1 pengendalian sistem injeksi bahan bakar dengan kontroler logika fuzzy disimulasikan. Untuk memudahkan simulasi dibuat software dengan menggunakan fasilitas GUIDE dalam matlab 6.1, untuk menampilkan diagram blok sistem dan responnya. Dengan penerapan kontroler logika fuzzy pada sisten injeksi bahan bakar mesin diesel kapal, diperoleh time respon yang lebih bagus, jika dibanding dengan sistem yang tanpa kontroler logika fuzzy.

Alt. Description

Diesel Engine is a primary engine in ship which drives propeller. An important mechanism of the diesel engine to study is its fuel injection system into the cylinder. In the following study, the application of fuzzy logic controller into the fuel injection system of marine diesel engine would be discussed. First, details of the fuel injection system, in this case the EUI (Electronic Unit Injector), the working principles and its system elements, must be learned. Then, a mathematical model of its system elements including the use of sensor and actuator on its control system was developed. From the model, block diagrams and the sub-systems, and eventually the block diagram of the total system were found. Simulation of fuel injection control system using the fuzzy logic controller was done by utilizing mathlab 6.1 program. To simplify the simulation, "GUIDE" facility in mathlab 6.1 developed, to show the system block diagrams and its responses. The result is time response obtained, is much better than the result of without fuzzy logic controller.

  1. Indra Ranu Kusuma ST, M.Sc
    Dr. Ir. AA Masroeri M.Eng
Date Create:16/01/2007
Format:pdf ; 120 pages
Collection ID:3100006026342
Call Number:629.801 511 313

Source :
Theses Shipping Engineering RTPe 629.801 511 313 San p, 2005

Coverage :
ITS community

Rights :
Copyright @2005 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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