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ITS » Undergraduate Theses » Matematika
Posted by aseri at 29/01/2009 15:26:08  •  3541 Views



Created by :
Hermawan, Okky  

SubjectAnalisa dampak lingkungan
KeywordReturn on investment
Net present value.


Akhir tahun 2006, beberapa penyedia jasa layanan seluler terbesar di Indonesia mulai berlomba untuk memperkenalkan produk baru mereka yang disebut dengan 3G, dimana penyedia jasa layanan seluler menghadirkan beberapa layanan, antara lain High Speed Data dan Internet Access, Mobile TV, Multiplayer Games, Video Call, Mobile Video, Video Content dan Full Track Music Download. Kemajuan perkembangan teknologi ini membuat banyak penyedia jasa layanan seluler mengadopsi teknologi generasi terbaru ini dalam berebut pelanggan sebanyak mungkin untuk memenangkan persaingan. PT. ”X” sebagai salah satu penyedia jasa layanan seluler di Indonesia, berkeinginan memanfaatkan teknologi telekomunikasi untuk meningkatkan loyalitasnya kepada pelanggan. Sehingga PT. ”X” melakukan investasi untuk infrastruktur teknologi 3G (Generasi ke-3).Agar investasi teknologi telekomunikasi 3G yang dilakukan oleh PT. ”X” nantinya menjadi berfaedah, maka perlu adanya perhitungan tingkat pengembalian investasi atau Return On Investment (ROI) dalam menganalisis pengeluaran dan pendapatan, sehingga dapat dibuat cash flow dari masa ekonomis (umur alat atau lama waktu pakai perangkat yang ada sebelum munculnya teknologi baru) teknologi telekomunikasi yang digunakan, dengan metode Net Present Value (NPV). Pada analisis investasi yang telah dilakukan, didapatkan hasil net present value sebesar Rp. 5,795,558,707,- pada tahun ketujuh,sehingga investasi teknologi selular 3G yang dilakukan oleh PT. ”X” mempunyai prospek yang layak dan dapat dipertimbangkan.

Alt. Description

In the end of the year 2006, some of the biggest cellular service provider in Indonesia start racing to introduce their new product, called 3G, where the cellular service provider offers some content such as High Speed Data and Internet Access, Mobile TV, Multiplayer Games, Video Call, Mobile Video,Video Content and Full Track Music Download. This technology manouver makes some cellular service provider adopted this newest technology generation to get customer as many as possible to win the competition.PT. “X” as one of cellular service provider in Indonesia wants to use telecommunication technology to increase their loyalty to the customer. That’s why PT. “X” did the investation for 3G technology infrastructure. In order to this 3G telecommunication technology investation of PT. “X” becoming usefull, needs some calculation of return on investment in outflow and inflow analysis, so that can make a cash flow of economic’s time of this telecommunication technology with Net Present Value methode. Based on calculating, PT. “X” could get it’s net present value Rp.5,795,558,707,- on the seventh year. It’s mean PT. “X” get a good prospect and sould be considered

  1. Drs. Sulistiyo, MT
Date Create:29/01/2029
Collection ID:3100008031934
Call Number:RSMa 332.6 Her a

Source :
Undergraduate thesis, Mathematics Departement, RSMa 332.6 Her a, 2008

Coverage :
ITS community only

Rights :
Copyright @2008 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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  5. ITS-Undergraduate-3491-1201100018-bab4.pdf - 293 KB
  6. ITS-Undergraduate-3491-1201100018-kesimpulan.pdf - 299 KB
  7. ITS-Undergraduate-3491-1201100018-lampiran.pdf - 703 KB

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