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ITS » Master Theses » Matematika - S2
Posted by dewi007 at 21/08/2009 11:04:16  •  5904 Views



Created by :
Purnomosidi ( 1207201739 )

SubjectPengambilan keputusan
Alt. Subject Multiple criteria decision making
KeywordMetode Dempster-Shafer
DS-AHP fuzzy


Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) adalah suatu metode pengambilan keputusan untuk menetapkan alternatif terbaik berdasarkan kriteria tertentu. Salah satu metode yang digunakan dalam menyelesaikan permalasahan MADM adalah Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Metode AHP dapat diterapkan pada data yang tidak tunggal atau fuzzy. Pada permasalahan MADM dengan informasi alternatif yang tidak lengkap metode yang digunakan adalah metode Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process (DSAHP). Metode Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process (DSAHP) fuzzy adalah metode yang digunakan untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) dengan informasi yang tidak lengkap. Metode ini merupakan gabungan antara dari metode Analytic Hierarchy Process Fuzzy dengan metode Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process. Pendekatan yang dilakukan adalah mengidentifikasi semua kemungkinan alternatif pada setiap atribut. Kemudian dihitung probabilitas dasar dari masing-masing elemen dan interval kepercayaan dari masing-masing keputusan alternatif. Dari hasil penelitian diperoleh bahwa metode Dempster Shafer AHP dapat diterapkan pada bilangan fuzzy dengan menggunakan interval fuzzy. Penurunan normalisasi bpa dengan nilai alternatif fuzzy memenuhi teorema interval fuzzy, sehingga normalisasi bpa dapat diterapkan pada interval fuzzy. Metode Dempster Shafer AHP fuzzy dapat menyelesaikan permasalahan Multi Attribute Decision Making dengan informasi yang tidak lengkap. Dari hasil kombinasi DSAHP fuzzy ditemukan bahwa ada kemiripan hasil dengan AHP fuzzy. Tetapi kelebihan DSAHP fuzzy adalah dapat menganalisis data dengan informasi yang tidak lengkap. Metode DSAHP fuzzy diterapkan untuk pemilihan siswa teladan di Sekolah Dasar. Dari hasil penelitian bobot atribut dari siswa teladan diperoleh aspek Sikap dan Kepribadian 0.2743, aspek Akademik 0.1200, aspek Ketrampilan 0.0669, aspek Kepemimpinan 0.0572, Ekstrakurikuler 0.0630, Pengalaman Organisasi 0.0276, Prestasi Akademik 0.2103, dan Prestasi non Akademik 0.1808. Siswa yang memiliki nilai Bel dan Pls paling tinggi adalah siswa D dengan nilai Bel (D) = 0.527075566 dan Pls(D) = 0.537557974. Sedangkan urutan perankingan siswa yaitu siswa D, siswa I, siswa H, siswa A, siswa J, siswa G, siswa F, siswa C, siswa E, dan siswa yang menempati ranking terakhir adalah siswa B.

Alt. Description

Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) is decision making method to get of the best alternative each criterions. One of the method to solve of MADM problems is Analytic Hierarchy Process ( AHP). AHP method can be applied on data which is not single or fuzzy. MADM problems with incomplete alternative information can used a Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process ( DSAHP) method. Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process (DSAHP) fuzzy method is used to solves the Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) problems with incomplete information. This method is a combination of the Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process method with the Analytic Hierarchy Process fuzzy method. The method of this research is identify all alternatives possibles on each attributes. Then calculated the basic probability elements and belief interval of each decision alternatives. From the results of the research is that Dempster Shafer AHP method can be applied to the fuzzy numbers using fuzzy interval. Derivation of basic probability assignment normalization with an alternative fuzzy value satisfy of interval fuzzy theorem, so that basic probability assignment normalization can be applied on the fuzzy interval. Dempster Shafer Analytic Hierarchy Process fuzzy method can be solves the Multi Attribute Decision Making problems with incomplete information. The results a combination of DSAHP fuzzy was founded that there are similarities with the fuzzy AHP method. But DSAHP fuzzy can analyze data with the incomplete information. DSAHP fuzzy method was applied for the best student selection in the Elementary School. From the results of the research attributes weights of the best student selection who obtained are Personality and Attitudes is 0.2743, Academic aspect is 0.1200, Vocational aspect is 0.0669, Leadership aspect is 0.0572, Extracurricular is 0.0630, Organization Experience is 0.0276, Academic Achievement is 0.2103, and non Academic Achievement is 0.1808. Student having highest Bel and Pls values is student D with Bel(D) = 0.527075566 and Pls (D) = 0.537557974. While the sequence from the highest the best students selection are student D, student I, student H, student A, student J, student G, student F, student C, student E, and student who have the last rank is student B.

  1. Dr. M. ISA IRAWAN, M.T
    Drs. I Gst. Ngr. RAI USADHA, M.Si
Date Create:21/08/2009
Collection ID:3100009035247
Call Number:RTMa 658.403 Pur m

Source :
Master Theses of Mathematics, RTMa 658.403 Pur m, 2009

Coverage :
ITS Community Only

Rights :
Copyright @2009 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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