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ITS » Master Theses » Teknik Mesin - S2
Posted by aguss at 21/06/2009 10:12:08  •  4418 Views


Author :


Submarine Hoseline HSD UP Muara Tawar merupakan jaringan pemipaan berdiameter 12 in yang digunakan untuk kegiatan bongkar muat bahan bakar HSD High Speed Diesel. Peralatan tersebut tidak dioperasikan selama 8 tahun dan terletak pada kedalaman 10 meter dari permukaan laut. Kondisi ketika diangkat dari dasar laut ditemukan penempelan biota hampir diseluruh permukaan submarine hoseline. Setelah dibersihkan kemudian dilakukan test kelayakan untuk dioperasikan kembali. Hasil test menunjukan adanya kebocoran. Hal ini menyebabkan terhambatnya bongkar muat bahan bakar dan meningkatnya biaya operasional perusahaan. Dalam penelitian ini dilakukan analisa kerusakan dan kebocoran submarine hoseline ditinjau dari aspek korosi dan aspek mekanik. Dari aspek mekanik dilakukan analisa kekuatan material akibat tegangan-tegangan yang muncul dalam pengoperasian submarine hoseline. Sedangkan dari aspek korosi selain analisa data-data kerusakan yang terkumpul juga dilakukan percobaan sensitivitas material submarine hoseline terhadap air laut yang dilakukan di perairan setempat dan di laboratorium. Selain itu juga dilakukan uji ketahanan material terhadap larutan ammonia. Tolok ukur sensitivitas dilihat dari perubahan berat dan terjadinya kerusakan fisik pada spesimen uji. Kerusakan submarine hoseline disebabkan oleh biota mayoritas teritip dan kerang yang mengeluarkan ammonia. Perusakan diawali dengan pembentukan lapisan film yang dilanjutkan oleh pertumbuhan biota. Lapisan permukaan akan rusak karena tidak tahan terhadap ammonia. Setelah itu biota akan kontak dengan lapisan penguat nilon dan helical wire. Pada lapisan tersebut biota semakin banyak dan jumlah ammonia yang dihasilkan juga meningkat. Selanjutnya kerusakan semakin parah submarine hoseline mengalami penipisan ketebalan hingga menembus dinding terluar lapisan dalam. Ketebalan yang tersisa sebesar 1.598 in membuat submarine hoseline tidak tahan terhadap uji kelayakan operasi pada tekanan 10 bar sehingga mengalami kebocoran.


Submarine Hoseline HSD UP Muara Tawar is pipeline network which has a diameter of 12 in and that is utilized for HSD High Speed Diesel fuel transporting activity. That equipment has not been operated up to 8 years and laid in 10 meters depth from sea levels. When it was lifted from seabed it found with micro and macro organism biota of the sea gluing at almost all surface of submarine hoseline. After it has been cleaned the test was done on quality. The test results showed that there was leakage from the horse. This effect cause pursuing of loading and unloading fuel and increasing of operating expenses company. In this research damage and leakage of submarine hoseline was analyzed from the side of corrosion aspect and mechanical aspect. From mechanical aspect strength of material was analyzed which will be effected by emerging tension from operations in deep sea. From corrosion aspect damage data were collected and sensitivity analysis also was done by using sea water. In addition to the receptivity of hoseline to ammonia solution was analyzed. In sensitivity analysis the specimen was checked from its changing of weight and happening of physical damage. Failure of submarine hoseline mainly because of biota in which the majority is mussel and cockle that produce ammonia. Damage was started from forming of thin layer and covered out by micro and macro organism growth. Surface coat will damage since it cannot stand fro ammonia. Afterwards biota will contact with streaked substantiating on nylon and helical wire. On that coat biota settle more and more and ammonia amount also increases. Hereafter damage gets worse and it was experiencing wearing of thickness until through inner wall. The rest of thickness as thick as 1.598 in makes submarine hoseline doesnt bate to test operation feasibility on pressure 10 bars so experiences leakage.

Keywordskebocoran submarine hoseline ; air laut ; korosi; biofouling
Subject:  Jaringan pipa di bawah air
  1. Dr. Ir. H.C. KIS AGUSTIN, DEA
    Prof. Dr. Ir. WAJAN BERATA, DEA
Date Create: 21/06/2009
Type: Text
Format: pdf
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-3100008033864
Collection ID: 3100008033864
Call Number: RTM 621.381 536 Her s

Master Theses, Machine Engineering, RTM 621.381 536 Her s, 2008

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