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ITS » Master Theses » Arsitektur Lingkungan - S2
Posted by at 29/03/2010 17:05:19  •  3382 Views


Author :
Febrita, Yuswinda ( 3207204003 )


Pengembangan perumahan oleh penghuni dengan menambahkan ruang cenderung menghabiskan lahan yang ada sehingga kurang menguntungkan untuk mengoptimalkan pemakaian ventilasi silang di dalam rumah. Hal ini akan menimbulkan masalah pada faktor kenyamanan termal sehingga untuk menghapus panas dan mengurangi kelembaban yang tinggi penghuni kebanyakan menggunakan kipas angin maupun AC dimana upaya tersebut mengakibatkan beban pemakaian energy di dalam rumah bertambah. Penelitian ini membahas efektifitas wind catcher pada perumahan di lahan terbatas di daerah tropis lembab dengan prinsip wind driven ventilation yaitu wind catcher dengan ketinggian 3 sd 9m dimensi 0.7X0.7m dan lubang bukaan sebesar 0.5X0.5m. Penelitian ini mengutamakan pada parameter disain tinggi wind catcher dengan lebar panjang dan luas bukaan wind catcher tetap. Kemudian mengeksplorasi pengaruh parameter disain tersebut pada pola aliran udara perolehan pergantian udara dan kecepatan angin di dalam rumah obyek studi dan pengaruhnya dengan kondisi termal di dalam rumah. Pada penelitian ini dilakukan pengukuran lapangan dan simulasi dengan menggunakan program CFD Fluent versi 6.2 guna mengekplorasi pengaruh wind catcher terhadap kinerja termal pada obyek studi di perumahan kelurahan Dukuh Sutorejo kecamatan Mulyorejo Surabaya Timur. Dari penilitian ini dihasilkan wind catcher yang terbukti efektif yaitu dengan ketinggian 3m dan 4m mampu meningkatkan kecepatan angin dari 0.15mdet sampai dengan 0.82mdet dan menurunkan temperatur 5.3C pola distribusi aliran udara di dalam rumah lebih merata pada rumah yang mempunyai sistem satu sisi.


Nowadays land scarcity in urban area has forced inhabitants of housing estate to make use the most of their housing plot. Building extention is an example of how the inhabitant of the estate increas area of their house to accomodate new activities. Such an extention unfortunately often ends up with building filling up the plot. In the context of tropical climate this development may create unconfortable conditions because ventilation cannot be easily promoted into the building to help releasing heat from the building. As a consequnce utilisation of fan and air conditioning is increasing. This condition subsequently raises amount of energy consumption of the building. This research is to investigate and evalute effectivity of wind catcher with 3m to 9m height dimension of 0.7X0.7m cross section and 0.5X0.5m opening which is introduced in houses in warm-humid climate. The research highlights pinciple of wind driven ventilation to induce air flow into the building. Design of the wind catcher air velocity and air flow pattern are variables. Design parameter that is included in the investigation is height of the wind catcher while width length and opening area are considered as constant. Field measurement and simulation method using CFD Fluent 6.2 version has been adopted to identify and calculate thermal and ventilation condition of samples of houses which are selected from housing estate in Dukuh Sutorejo Mulyorejo East Java. The result shows that by employing wind catcher 3m and 4m height ventilation in the house can reach its maximum velocity. The effectiveness of this design is indicated by its ability to increase wind velocity from 0.15ms to 0.82ms. In a house with single-sided ventilation system wind catchers of these hights can also slighty reduce air temperature upto 5.3degC difference. In the case of air distribution it is found that even distribution of air flow are more observable in house equiped with wind catcher as compared to house without wind cacther.

KeywordsWind catcher; Perumahan di lahan terbatas; Desain ventilasi; Iklim tropis lembab.
Subject:  Dwellings
  1. Dr. Eng. Dipl. Ing. Ir. Sri Nastiti, N.E., MT
  2. Ir. I. Gusti Ngurah Antaryama, Ph.D
Date Create: 29/03/2010
Type: Text
Format: pdf.
Language: Indonesian
Identifier: ITS-Master-3100010037431
Collection ID: 3100010037431
Call Number: RTA 728 Feb e

Master Theses of Architechture Department, RTA 728 Feb e, 2009

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Copyright @2009 by ITS Library. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievel system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permission(s), write to ITS Library

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